Kim Kardashian Talks Post-Baby Body

In her first interview since welcoming daughter North West, reality star Kim Kardashian – who is celebrating her 33rd birthday today (October 21) – opens up with The Sunday Times about her postpartum weight loss with the Atkins Diet.

On losing the baby weight: “I haven’t exercised a whole lot so far, just because I’ve been busy with the baby and I don’t want to leave her. I still have some [baby weight] to go. Atkins worked for me and I don’t feel tempted to eat a bunch of junk food. It’s just about staying healthy – it will come off.”

On how motherhood has influenced her style: “I want to dress a little lighter colorwise. I think North looks cute in light colors, and then I want to wear light colors. North doesn’t typically wear pink, though. She wears mauve or blush, not, like, typical baby pink.”

On how she dresses for her beau Kanye West: “You want your guy to think you’re really hot. I’ll put something on and he’ll [Kanye] say, ‘No, that doesn’t look good’, and I’ll trust him.’”

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  1. Jessica

    lol doesn’t want to leave her baby to exercise but yet leaves her for a week to go to a fashion show out of the country. You sure know how to make yourself look good to the public Kim.

  2. Joey

    Busy with the baby? No, the nannies are busy with the baby.

  3. Booka

    I would not accuse the nannies of caring for the baby as that would only be an assumption and I don’t go by assumptions. I’m sure the baby is well loved and cared for just like Mason and Penelope are.

  4. Cloud

    She has no taste at all. I am sure the baby is loved, but leaving it for a week and with her mother who loves to sell her own children, brother

  5. Alina

    Sometimes I kinda feel bad for her. I mean, I’m almost 100% positive she wouldn’t care so much about her weight if she wasn’t a public figure. I don’t think she’s a bad person, I think she does love her baby but I think Kanye has a big influence on her. If i remember correctly, someone said that she did want to take the baby to Paris but Kanye said it would be better to leave her home.

  6. Zenandi

    WOW, YOU are actually right….people judge alot like its nobody’s business…I just wonder how they would feel if it was them we are bad mouthing about. Women we should actually stand up for each other that would make such a huge different in the country and social sites!

    • Jessica

      Its one thing to banned together as mothers and support each other , but I can’t support a self entitled spoiled egotistic b word. You want to know truly just how selfish and self centered she is?? While I was in Haiti I encountered a few Haitians who took care of miss kardashian while she was there. She went for some fashion thing I believe it was. Anyways, she wanted to make her image look good so she gave gifts to a particular orphanage. Yah nice right? Wrong. She did not get her butt out of her lavish huge hotel room, instead she had her “people” bring the orphans to her room and handed out gifts for them. Spent a few minutes with them and sent them on their way. Yes how nice of her to bring these orphans who live in horrible conditions and rub your fancy hotel room in their faces. How nice and touching of her to hand them gifts and send them on their way. I mean what orphan child just needs some real love and connection with someone. I must be doing something wrong on my humanitarian trips, I mean I get in there and get dirty and play and love on the kids. Never bring them gifts. I bring my heart. And never say or show what ‘lavish’ things I have. The people who took care of kardashian said her actions were rude and they don’t welcome her in their community.

      • Anon

        Kim has done nothing to deserve the support of women. Her behavior in every aspect of the word woman is contrary. She exploited herself sexually and continues to do so. The disgusting pictures she posted of her after baby body sums up what she is all about. Yes, I’m judging because I feel that she had this baby to increase her marketability. How about showing support for women who actually support other women and deserve respect. Not this cheap piece of work. You couldn’t pull most mothers away from their infants to go to a fashion show, but it was in Paris and Kim can’t live without the attention. So, baby be damned!

  7. Anonymous

    The public is brutal to her??? She brought that on herself. I don’t feel sorry for her AT ALL.

  8. Debsagrrl

    ” … I’ve been busy with the baby and I don’t want to leave her…”
    Didn’t she just come back from Paris Fashion week? Without her child?

  9. Joey

    Wow Anon, great comment. You were spot on!

  10. Jane

    Hahahahahahaha what weight loss???? Is she delutional? She looks like a hipo!

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