Shanola Hampton: “I Am Nesting Like Crazy”

Shameless actress Shanola Hampton is expecting her first child – a girl – in late January with husband of 13 years Daren Dukes. Besides being a regular on the Showtime series – she has a new movie coming out called Things Never Said. Shanola had plenty to say to Celebrity Baby Scoop on her pregnancy, acting and impending motherhood recently.

CBS: Congratulations on your pregnancy!  How have you been feeling?  Any special cravings?

SH: Thank you! I’ve been feeling amazing! I crave anything that I see or hear about.  If I see a commercial about pizza I suddenly want pizza.

CBS: How are you preparing for motherhood?  Do you have a birth plan?  Will you breastfeed?

SH: I am nesting like crazy. We’ve been really getting the nursery all set up. My birth plan is to go in and let whatever happens happen, and to get an epidural! I want to have a GLABOR (glam labor). High heels and lashes! I want my baby to see photos and say “wow mommy you looked fabulous.”  Yes I am definitely planning on breastfeeding.

CBS: What kind of a mom do you hope to be?

SH: I hope to be a mom that has balance. The perfect blend of disciplinary and nurturer. Hopefully she’ll think I’m pretty cool.

CBS: Are you thinking about names at all?  Do you think you’ll choose classic names or go the Hollywood route?

SH: I won’t go with a crazy insane name. It’s more important to me that it has a meaning.

CBS: Tell us about the upcoming season of ‘Shameless’.  What’s new?

SH: I can’t say too much but I will say we have some really nice twists this season.

CBS: How have you been able to combine your pregnancy with the show?  Are you able to work healthy eating habits and a fitness routine?

SH: I wake up at about 4 am and hit the gym, I’ve pretty much kept the same routine as I had before I was pregnant. ‘Shameless’ has been great with making it easy for me to be pregnant and shooting. As far as healthy eating habits…I’m doing my best!

CBS: Will you take a break from acting as you get closer to your due date?  How do you and your hubby plan to balance parenthood with career?

SH: No breaks, my plan is to work right up until my due date. We’ll see if baby has the same plan.  Like most working parents, we will balance work and parenthood as best we can.  We know it won’t be easy, but we are as ready as we can be.

Shameless returns for its fourth season on January 12th.

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  • I like Shanola Hampton. She is not like other celebrities that doing all crazy dramas, Being with Daren Dukes for 13 years, a thumb up from me. Way to go girl!

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