Josh Duhamel: Changing Axl’s Diaper Can Be A “Crap Shoot”

Josh Duhamel is a hands on dad at diaper changing. The actor was at the opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills last Thursday night when he spoke about his 7-week-old son with Fergie.

He told E! News, “Timing when he’s done actually pooping. I’ll be in the middle of changing the diaper and he’ll literally spray me. It’s figuring out when he’s actually done, when we can go in for the diaper change. You never know. It’s a crap shoot, no pun intended.”

Asked about Axl’s most recent first – the proud dad shared,  “He just smiled yesterday for the first time, but everything leading up to that was great…I just recommend it to anybody out there who hasn’t done it.”

As for Halloween costumes Duhamel replied, “We don’t know yet. Like a monkey probably. Something like that, something simple.”

Duhamel also said he and Fergie sing to him.

“We make up some of the most ridiculous songs you’ve ever seen. He’ll either appreciate it or you know, be completely embarrassed by it someday.”

US Weekly also caught up with him at the bash. He enthusiastically said they want to expand their family.

“Of course! Yeah, we’ve gotta move fast,” the Safe Haven star said.

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  • Someone

    What a cute daddy…the poop spray is a rite of passage with a newborn lol

    • NYCMommy

      Someone- I totally agree my husband was changing our then newborn son and he already had a strained back when my son started projectile pooping my husband nearly put himself in hospital trying to avoid the hit. Breast feed babies are especially lethal from my experience. 🙂

  • toopoo

    we call it poo shooter…..i lost the poo once, i knew she has shot me with it……….it went up my sleeve of my nighty and was in my elbow pit……..its amazing how they can get you. One of my sons shot poo right across a room and it hit the wall!!!!!!!!!!!! bless newborns <3


    JOSH looks like a piece of sh.t. Never mind the diaper changing. I have
    no idea why he figures he’s an actor? he totally SUCKS.

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