Pauly D Is A Dad

There’s a new baby in Jersey Shore!

Congratulations are in order for Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio. The Jersey Shore alum, 33, has welcomed his first child – a daughter – on Tuesday, October 22, E! News reports.

The reality star-DJ is “very excited” to become a daddy and “has always wanted kids,” a source says.

As for the baby’s mother, she and Pauly “didn’t have a previous relationship,” but he “is hoping to develop a relationship” with her. ”[He] wasn’t exactly planning for it to happen this way, but God works in mysterious ways,” the source adds.

As for the new dad, he is “ready to jump in and take responsibility as a father.”

In 2012 when Jersey Shore costar Snooki was pregnant with her son Lorenzo, Pauly D said, “I want to be Uncle Pauly…And I want to be a part of that baby’s life, because Snooki is one of my best friends now, and I’d love to be with her when she’s delivering the baby, and I’d love to babysit.”

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  • Bink

    One night stand with a stranger…feel bad for the baby!

  • Marie

    Sad, at least Nicole was with her boyfriend and they seem to have a loving relationship and creating a good home for her son. Funny to say he hopes to develop a relationship with the mother of his child, too bad he didn’t have that before hand. I am sure the baby momma is doing her court documents for child support.

  • Meliss

    Slow down, CBH. He’s fathered a child. Whether he’s a dad remains to be seen. No judgements. I’m no prude…I was 6-months pregnant when I got married. But, we’d been together 6 years and planned for both events (baby was ready sooner than we’d expected. Hahaha) It just seems that people take lightly what it means to be a parent. Regardless, good luck to them and prayers for a healthy baby.

    • Anonymous

      Just because you were together with your partner longer doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be better parents.

      People have sex ALL THE TIME just for the sake of having sex. Sometimes, a pregnancy results and it’s what you do AFTER that happens that counts. If people ONLY had sex to make babies… well, that’ll never happen.

      • Meliss

        I never said I would be a better parent. I’m commenting on how people seem to be so nonchalont about who they have kids with. My other point WAS that it’s what you do after. Hence my statement “He’s fathered a child. Whether he’s a dad remains to be seen.” Saying someone is a dad makes it seem like he’s gotten his girlfriend or wife pregnant. When the fact is, he barely knows the girl.

        Again I’m surprised that my comment gets thumbs down when other people are saying they’re sad for the baby. I don’t get it.

        • Anonymous

          And I’m saying they’re not necessarily non-chalant about who they have kids with, they’re non-chalant about who they have sex with.

  • B

    According to TMZ, the baby was not born today, but actually born in May 2013. The daughters’s name is Amabella.

  • erinn

    TMZ is reporting that this baby was born on May 5th (5 months old now) and her name is Amabella.

  • erinn

    … and just checked the E! post about this, and even that post says that the “the baby is now several months old”. someone here is not cross checking their references!

    anyway, I wish them all well.

  • Kelly

    Did not know he had sex with women!

  • Amaital

    He’s a SLUT!!!!! He probably didn’t even recognize the woman (“he hopes to have a relationship with”) ! Ever heard of a condom. Jesus what a moron. I feel bad for the baby…..

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