Kim Kardashian Talks Pregnancy Weight Gain

It’s been quite a big year for Kim Kardashian – she welcomed daughter North in June, she recently got engaged to rapper Kanye West, and she’s lost 43 of the 50 lbs. she gained during her pregnancy.

“Pregnancy for me was a lot tougher than people saw on my show or from magazines,” the new mom, 33, tells PEOPLE. “So to get back to feeling like myself just makes me feel good again.”

The public scrutiny surrounding her pregnancy weight gain proved to be painful, and made her want to “tune out the media.”

But with the help of the Atkins-based diet plan, along with regular exercise, she is feeling back to herself.

“I always envisioned that I would have this easy time just being pregnant, only my belly would get big,” she said. “And it has just been so not that way for me. But sometimes, you just have to take life for what it is and enjoy the ride.”

“Atkins worked for me and I don’t feel tempted to eat a bunch of junk food,” Kim said of the diet. “It’s just about staying healthy – it will come off.”

She added: “You want your guy to think you’re really hot. I’ll put something on and he’ll [Kanye] say, ‘No, that doesn’t look good’, and I’ll trust him.’”

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  • Heather

    I feel bad for all of the scrutiny she faced. It’s horrible enough being pregnant when you are sick and gaining weight! People are so mean.

  • Anonymous

    This pig brings it all on herself.

    • Devin

      I agree, she used the pregnancy to garner attention and it is exactly what she got. The pig reference is spot on.

  • Courtney

    those are parts of being pregnant Kim is lying about the weight she gained and how far along she was when she gave birth a 35 week baby wouldn’t weigh 4lbs 15oz which is what they claim North weighed at birth Kim was more likely 36.5 weeks. she weighed about the same as what Gracie McGraw did when she was born at that same gestational age 16 years earlier. granted Kim induced labor then claimed complications while Gracie’s mom Faith Hill naturally went into labor early and needed a C-section when the baby went into distress

    • Rosy

      All babies vary when it comes to birth weight in terms of gestation, North could certainly have been 4lb15 at 35 weeks.

    • Annie

      We missed you Courtney, where have you been?

  • K

    When your baby bump and ass are the exact same size at 9 months along, it probably isn’t too comfortable!

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a rat’s @$$ how much she gained, lost etc.

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