Pink’s Toddler Willow Battles Chicken Pox

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Pink’s daughter Willow is going through a childhood rite of passage many adults can relate to, but fewer and fewer kids experience — the chicken pox! With an itch-inducing message to fans, the “True Love” singer wrote early Friday morning: “my daughter is my hero. i wish i was as cool as her #chickenpox #sowhat”

Here’s a look back at Pink and Willow over the last two years: Pink’s chicken pox tweet has spurred many to share their own memories of being covered in the bumps, as well as commentary on ‘kids these days’ missing out. A sampling of recent tweets reads:

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  • Marie

    I was happy my daughter got the chicken pox at 2-1/2 years old. It is better to get it as a child than as an adult which is extremely dangerous. My issue was my 2 year old thinking I was washing her in dirty water when it was an oatmeal bath and she thought I was the worst for pouring “dirty water” all over her and as soon as the bath was over, she ran to be cuddled by her dad! One little pot mark on her neck 17 years later and all is well.

  • Alyson

    I thought most states have made the varicella shot manadatory now? Well I guess most daycares/schools require it. I had chicken poxs as a kid and did fine.

  • SMH

    When we were younger we all had chicken pox. In fact many parents hoped the kids would get the chicken pox to avoid it later in life. Now they give vaccines which you usually receive around age 2. I would assume Willow didn’t get it because she just turned two and they have been traveling while Pinks been on tour and/or Pink chose not to vaccinate her for it. I believe it’s an optional vaccine.
    The only risk with having chicken pox is developing shingles when your an adult.

    • kaleyjade

      Actually, there is a fairly high risk of complications from chicken pox, especially in adults, but also in children. The pox can spread to the lungs and cause pneumonia, which can be fatal. Like with this poor little girl:

      • Anonymous

        For every “my child died of the chicken pox” story you’ll find, I’ll bet you can find a “my child died of the chicken pox vaccine” story as well.

  • Jessica

    I don’t give my kids the chicken pox vaccine unless they don’t develop it in childhood I’ll have them get the shot around 13 years old so they don’t get it as adults. But people are misinformed, the shot does not protect against shingles. Infact, when they inject you with the live virus vaccine, you are still being exposed to chicken pox and can develop shingles later in life. So either way you have a chance of getting it.

  • Devin

    Your kid can get chicken pox even after the vaccine. Best to get it out of the way when they are small, so the pox mark stretch out as the head grows. My son had a couple of nasty little dents left after he suffered through it at 20 months.

  • Booka

    I got chicken pox as a child and have holes in my forehead. A vaccine sounds like a good idea.

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  • Gemi

    Chicken pox vaccine isn’t necessary, we over-vaccinate children.

    I am definitely pro-vaccine, and think that parents who don’t vaccinate should be reported to CPS. However, babies don’t need 14 shots in one day, that’s too much.

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