Giveaway: phil&teds Navigator Stroller ($650)

phil&teds unveils the world’s first auto stop™inline™!

Navigator is the world’s first auto stop™ inline™ set to revolutionize the way parents think about safety & convenience. auto stop™ allows parents hands free moments whether an older child pauses to take in an interesting sight, a mobile phone starts to ring or simply needing to rub a smudge off their glasses. With 26 riding options on a super slim frame, you can take one or two children anywhere with refreshing ease. Navigator – the world’s first auto stop™ inline™ is leading the way in safety & convenience.

Key features:

  • Auto stop braking system: safe & convenient
  • Number of riding options: 26
  • All new parent facing double kit
  • Can now fit two capsules
  • Kerb pop for ultra light handling
  • One hand fast fold & frame lock
  • Easy adjust tail-free 5 pt safety harness with shoulder pads for comfort
  • Multi height adjustable handle with comfort foam grip
  • Premium fabric
  • Deeper & taller seat
  • Easily removable sling
  • Follow the sun hood with handy storage pockets
  • Large parcel tray
  • 12” air filled tyres
  • Strong plastic foot well for easy cleaning
  • Bumper bar
  • Lockable wheel for multi terrain
  • Multiple seat positions from lie flat to fully upright
  • One hand double kit recline
  • Double kit adjustable neck support
  • Double kit sun mesh for shade & privacy

See a video outlining the revolutionary new stroller.

We are giving away a phil&teds (cherry) Navigator stroller ($499.99) and second seat (149.99) to 1 lucky reader (total value: $650)!

How to Enter:

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This contest ends Friday, October 25 at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to U.S. & Canada residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*
Congratulations to the winner of our Joovy giveaway: Katy!

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  • Colleen Gomes

    My grandsons would love riding in this stroller! Their mama & grandma would love it even more! <3

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    This looks like an amazing stroller!!!!

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    My facebook is ‘Tha bal’; my twitter handle ‘thabal628’. Thanks for the giveaway. The features look great: 26 riding options is awesome!

  • Jule

    Sorry, but is this woman in the picture letting the stroller roll onto the tracks, or what?? Not a single hand on the stroller, distracted by her phone and looking in the other direction, while the children are heading for the edge. The idea that someone thinks that this is the ideal picture to advertise a stroller is pretty hilarious…

    • Ryan

      I think the point of the ad is to show that this stroller is the safer choice if you’re easily distracted or you accidentally let go of the handle. It looks like letting go of that bar above the handle activates the brakes.

      • Jule

        Oh, alright. Still the image is insane. It’s a nice safety mechanism, and I understand that traveling with one or more children can be complicated. But I also think that you should not rely on a mechanism to ensure your children’s safety while you’re on the phone. Put the stroller somewhere safe, than answer the phone. I am regularly amazed how parents just shove their children in their strollers onto streets, seemingly without realizing that their children are closest to the street and the first to be on the street and then I see this in this image that the mother is well away from the tracks while the children are not….

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