Jillian Michaels & Family Attend Katy Perry Concert

Jillian Michaels, Heidi Rhoades and their 3-year-old daughter Lukensia went to Katy Perry’s Hollywood Bowl concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 23). Phoenix, 17 months, stayed at home.

The family posed with Katy and snacked on the singer’s Popchips flavor – Katy’s Kettle Corn – backstage.

Jillian tweeted a photo and wrote: “Mom of the year letting Lu meet @katyperry or arrested for child abuse letting her stay up till midnight to do it?”

While still at home before leaving for the concert Heidi wrote on her twitter page: “Lu is doing an “I’m going to see Katy perry” song and dance in front of the mirror. Let’s hope she can stay awake!”

She added later on, “@stephclarkecpt somehow she made it until midnight…powered by @popchips”

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Photo credit: Michael Simon / Startraks


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  1. Kinky

    Does anyone watch Orange is the New Black? If you do, is it me or do you think baby Lukensia looks like a little girl version of Crazy Eyes? She is a cutie though!!

  2. theoriginal bubbles

    that little girl is soooo gorgeous and adorable!

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