Holly Madison: I Want To Be Healthy & At A Proper Weight

Holly Madison says she lost 30 pounds after giving birth to Rainbow mostly through eating healthy.

She told People, “I really wanted to eat more healthy while I was pregnant so I started reading a lot of nutrition books. It was really through diet that I lost the weight. I used to be the most unhealthy person. I would eat fast food everyday because I was on the go. When you have someone else’s life in your hands, you become more aware of nutrition.”

The former Girls Next Door reality star has partnered with ediets.com to launch the Holly Madison Diet. She explained, “It will give recipes and you get a diet tailored to your likes and your needs. You can customize it to the things you want, whether it’s meals or snacks.”

Madison added, “Before [Rainbow was born], I was work, work, work, but as long as I stayed somewhat skinny that was all I cared about. Now it’s a totally different thing. Now I want to be healthy and at a proper weight for healthful reasons.”

The proud mom has been sharing photos of her little girl this month. One of them is of a painting!

“RT @OliviaPinupArt went to amazing @hollymadison wedding at #Disneyland I gave them a watercolor of Rainbow Aurora”

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    Rainbow is so stinkin cute!!

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