Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Split Up

Miranda Kerr  and Orlando Bloom have announced their separation after three years of marriage. E! News reports Bloom’s rep said, “In a joint statement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months. After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation. Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family.”

Kerr posted a photo of herself and Flynn, 2, just a few days ago. She wrote via Instagram, “There is nothing greater than a mothers love”.

Last week the model showed the two sitting on the beach.

“Was such a beautiful weekend by the ocean”

Kerr – who married the actor in July 2010 – talks about Bloom in the November issue of Cosmopolitan.

She said, “When I saw Orlando on Broadway in Romeo and Juliet, I was blown away. For someone to be able to learn all that and hold the energy to do it every day, six days a week – I have so much respect for him. We don’t run lines though. We keep that very separate. That would be like me asking him to teach me how to catwalk.”

Meanwhile Bloom has put his Hollywood Hills home on the market for $4.5 million. He had been renting it out for $16,500 a month while he and the family were living in NYC.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/Instagram

  • Heather

    I hate when families spilt up.

  • eliz1

    NOOOOOOO I actually said that aloud when i read this… such a bummer 🙁

    • Kinky

      sorry but if you read real gossip you would of known their marriage has been over for awhile. check out blindgossip.com and you will learn a lot about these hollyweird people.

      • Anna

        It’s okay, and actually nice, that some people prefer facts to gossip.

        • Kinky

          But you are on a gossip site so that makes no sense. Nothing on here is factual, its what people want you to see. All I am saying is if you really want learn about what is going on in Hollyweird read the site. Their marriage has been written about on numerous occasions. If you go there now, you will see the various blind items that have been solved about them. I just wanted to let her know she wouldn’t have been so shocked. But, read what you want….

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised, I saw a picture a few weeks ago and their body language looked tense. Either way sorry to hear it.

  • kim

    Through sickness and health, richer or poorer, better or worse. You don’t just call it quits through the ‘worse’– you tough it out. Vows these days are becoming meaningless.

    • Sarah

      So much better to live in bitter resentment, creating a hostile environment for their child.

      • Anonymous

        Who says they were living in bitter resentment?

  • ripple

    Marriage isn’t serious anymore to a lot of people. It’s easy to get married and say austa la vista these days. I think it’s sad in any case. There’s no love anymore. It’s almost like Marriage is a fad now. It’s not a commitment to one person for the rest of your life.

    • jool

      ” It’s easy to get married and say austa la vista these days”

      Well, not that easy, obviously. It’s “hasta la vista” (sorry, I had to 😀 ).

      Well, it’s sad for Finn, but hardly a surprise ;/

    • SiervaMaria

      Commitment is not a piece of paper. I think a lesson about the difference between the two should be required before deciding to go the legal route. Think about what the purpose of divorce is just for a moment. It’s to separate the legal commitments made and not the emotional or spiritual ones. It’s a joke that the world believes gays being married will be the downfall of matrimony when heterosexuals have shown they’re pretty good at that job all by their selves.

  • Bink

    Living in a cave, I guess. I did not see that one coming…

  • Annie

    I got slammed on here a couple of weeks ago for spreading “rumors” about their marriage. Well here you go, people are so naive!
    Her career is booming right now, and she feels more entitled then ever. He’s aging and his career has been stagnating. Not attractive to a self-obsessed, ambitious woman like Miranda.

    For a successful marriage, these celebrities need to get over themselves. Their lives are too easy. When tragedy hits – an accident, cancer, going off to war… you set aside your obsession with looks and grandiose career plans, and stick with the ones you love. Family is more than infatuation at a certain point in your life.

    • Anonymous

      I completely disagree. I don’t think it’s because they’re full of themselves, I think it’s because their lives are completely disconnected from each other. You can’t have a relationship when you see each other 1 day each month.

  • arabella

    I find it funny how Kirk Cameron said gay marriage is “unnatural” and “detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.and yet the gay celebrities stayed together longer then the straight Hollywood couple.

    • Anna

      It’s great that so many people realize that it has nothing to do with if it is two men, a man and a woman, or two women, a marriage is a marriage. Some marriages will end quickly, some will last lifetimes. The only thing destroying marriage is people not taking it seriously. I refuse to believe that individuals fighting so hard to gain the right to marry are destroying it. To me, they are showing how important it is that they are willing to fight. (sorry, for the rant)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with some of the comments about vows mean nothing, marriage isn’t serious. It’s a shame people don’t work on their relationships anymore. It’s like one fight and they’re out the door.

  • D

    Wow, a little surprised its happened so soon. Ive seen lovely family pictures of them recently. Even one of Orlando kissing Miranda in the park

  • Booka

    I’m not surprised. Both of them did too much travelling, especially her. I’m not sure why they had a child with their lifestyles, not exactly a way to give the little fellow much stability in his life. It was a marriage bound to fail.

    • Anon

      She got pregnant to force the marriage.

      • Jen

        Her body is her paycheck. I seriously doubt she got risked her career to “trap” him into marriage. And, since she could have any guy on the planet, I doubt she would need to anyway!

        • Anon

          Getting a man and keeping one is two entirely different things. she’s beautiful, but she can’t get any man in the world. There are men who prefer some brains with the woman they become involved with.

      • Anonymous

        You were there, Anon? Wow……..

  • Anonymous1

    I like how everyone talks like they know the ins and outs of their relationship. How do you know how much or even if they fought? How do you know they didn’t try hard to make their marriage work? How do you know that they didn’t go into their marriage with every intent to create a family and spend the rest of their lives together? Its easy to assume things based on what we see and hear in the media but none of us have any idea what goes on behind closed doors.

    Whatever it is that happened between them, its too bad. I liked them as a couple and wish them well.

  • Albus

    Yeah 3 years is usually how long those butterflies last. If you add that you’re becoming more famous (Miranda of course, not Orlando), the interest in keeping that marriage deteriorates even more.

    Alll in all, i’m not surprised. I’m actually surprised it lasted this long.

  • Gemi

    Aw, that makes me sad. Poor Flynn 🙁

  • laura

    How sorry I am! And I was actually hoping Flynn would get a sibling soon. Anyway, we know absolutely nothing about their relationship, but I agree that it looks like people don’t take marriage seriously. They get married too quickly, as if marriage was just something fun, as if love was just a fairytale, the initiation of the moment. And then, when shit happens, cause it happens to everybody, they don’t really care enough to work it out.
    And so so many people get married just because they fell pregnant by accident. I don’t believe that all.these people who.got married while pregnant would have done it otherwise. For some it may work, for.ex for.Jessica Albania and Cash Warren it seems to.be working, but for sure in those cases family was an accident, kids were an accident.

  • laura

    I meant the infatuation of the moment.

  • give me a break!

    Very sad. If they are fighting alot. Wouldnt be better if they was separated? FYI they was together for six years and was married for three years. I think they got past the butterfly stage. Unless the feeling last longer bringing away working?

  • give me a break!

    It wasnt like they only dated for a few months. They dated for three years before getting married. By than you know what you are getting your self into. There wasnt any trapping involved.

    • laura

      To think that there was a trapping is stupid and offensive, but I think that they, like a lot of other people, got married just because they fell pregnant. A lot of people feel obliged to do it and it’s stupid because it forces you into something that you weren’t ready for.
      Obviously, having dated for a couple of years before getting preggo, their relationship wasn’t just a fleeing, but who tells us that they wpuldn’t have split up 2 or 3 years ago if it wasn’t for Flynn?

  • Amy

    All of you crying about how marriages have changed and vows are meaningless are funny. You do realize that marriage has been evolving since it was first created, right? The entire purpose of a marriage in the colonial times was for property, livestock, money, etc. Women had no say if they wanted to get married, it was arranged like a business transaction. When marriage evolved and women were allowed to have a choice, the marriage didn’t last very long. The life expectancy was extremely short, nothing close to what it is now. Not one of you can honestly tell me that a woman being forced to stay in an unhappy marriage, knowing that her husband is cheating on her, or having love children, is a good idea. That’s basically what women had to do before they were allowed in the work force. They were property of their husbands once they got marriage and they were looked down on if they left their husband, even if he was beating them. So yes, marriage is different than it was yesterday. Tomorrow it will be different from the way it is today. I would rather have a marriage now, than be stuck in a marriage of the past.

    • laura

      You’re not wrong, but this is totally off topic. No one made it a gender issue, I personally just think that people (of both sexes) marry too easily and rarely work hard on their marriage.
      The point is that even if you love each other it’s not enough. Some stories are just not meant to be. You can be together and have a nice time together even for a few years, but he’s not the man of your life. If you fall pregnant it traps you into a relationship that sooner or later would have run its course, and sooner or later it will.
      Not all love stories are meant to be forever and this is what I think happened to Orlando and Miranda. They loved each other, but they’re.just not meant to be forever.

      • Amy

        It’s not off topic. Some of the posters above were claiming that marriages today are ending because vows are not taken seriously, as if this were different than any other era. My point is that vows have never been taken seriously since marriage was first created, and marriage wasn’t created for love in the first place. To insinuate that in the society of today, that a person ends their marriage on a whim is preposterous, unless of course the marriage happen on a whim (like a drunken night in Vegas).
        It is very evident that these two people still have a mutual love and respect for each other. Just because their marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean that they gave up without trying to fix it. And who’s business is it if they didn’t work at it. Nobody is in the marriage but them, so I don’t see why anyone cares. I agree with you Laura, sometimes things just don’t work out and marriages end.

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