Jennie Garth Says Dating After Divorce Is “A Weird Type Of Torture”

Jennie Garth is still having some trouble getting back in the datingscene after her divorce from Peter Facinelli. “It’s super challenging,” Garth admits. “It’s fun, and it’s awful all at the same time. It’s like a weird type of torture. But it can be fun.” The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and Facinelli have three daughters and were married for 11 years before splitting in June. 

Getting over a divorce can take some time, especially if kids are involved. Our friends over at Cupid’s Pulse have the scoop on how to know when you’re really ready to give love another try.

Your anger is gone: All of the resentment and other negative feelings you had for your ex are gone. When the two of you do see each other, it’s strictly about the kids (if you have any together). If you’re able to co-parent in a peaceful manner and you’re no longer hoping that the two of you can reconcile one day, you may be ready to move on.

Visit Cupid’s Pulse for more ways to know that you’re ready to get back in the dating game post-divorce.

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So don’t date for awhile. There’s no law that says you have to quickly trade one in for the other. The kids certainly don’t need a procession of boyfriends wandering in and out. Wait, concentrate on the kids, and eventually you’ll meet somebody where it doesn’t seem weird at all.


Nah, just ask JLo. It’s a piece of cake.