Amy Poehler: Steppin’ Out With Her Sons

Amy Poehler and her boys Abel, 3, and Archie, 4, went to the farmers market in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (October 27). They grabbed snacks and drinks while picking up fresh produce. At one point the actress carried a teary Archie.

In her interview with Breezy Mama – she said the kids aren’t too impressed with hearing her voice in Freebirds.

She said, “They’re not that impressed. They hear my voice every day, so they’ll be very impressed with Woody’s voice because they’re in love with–I mean, excuse me, with Owen’s–and Woody’s voice, but they’re in love with Owen’s voice because of Cars.”

Asked about a mom fail – she replied, “Oh, Gosh. Sometimes, I forget where I’m driving them to. That happens, right? How did we get in this car? Yes, how are we in this car, and who am I dropping off and where are we going – that happens a lot.

“I’m trying to think of other stuff. It’s just a lot of forgetful stuff that every mother has to deal with. I think I’ve sent my older guy to school with like an empty lunch box.”

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  1. choop

    they’re so different, it’s crazy. Genetic is amazing!!

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