Natalia Cigliuti: “It Really Does Take A Village”

All My Children alum Natalia Cigliuti is set to star alongside Sarah Lancaster in the Lifetime movie, The Preacher’s Mistress, premiering Saturday, November 2nd at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime. The mother-of-one, to son Kaden, 8, plays the “villain” Sidney in the movie.

Natalia chats with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her excitement over filming the movie with Sarah Lancaster, her “incredible support system” at home, and how being Kaden’s mother has “been the best and most fulfilling thing” in her life. She also opens up about her “regret” over not teaching her son to speak Spanish, her first language.

CBS: Tell us about your character Sidney in the Lifetime movie The Preacher’s Mistress. What drew you to the role?

NC: “I got the offer for The Preacher’s Mistress role, read the script, and jumped at the chance to play a villain! I’ve always played the good girl and was happy to try something different. Plus, I was doubly excited when I found out Sarah Lancaster was going be in the movie, because we hadn’t worked together since we were teenagers. We are both moms now and it was a really great filming in Houston with her.”

CBS: How long was the shoot? Where was the movie filmed?

NC: “The movie shoot was a month long and took place all around Houston, Texas.”

CBS: Did you bring your son Kaden to the set? If not, how do you handle being away from your family?

NC: “Kaden didn’t come with me on this one, but I flew back in the middle of the shoot to spend Mother’s Day with him. I have an incredible support system at home with my family and friends, as they all help out when I am working. It really does take a village!”

CBS: Please share some of your favorite motherhood moments. Do you find it a challenge to balance work and being a wife and mom?

NC: “Being a mother and specifically being Kaden’s mother has been the best and most fulfilling thing in my life. It hasn’t been difficult to balance everything, because I don’t work fulltime. I’m full on with my son when I am not working. Obviously, it is not easy being away from him, but I try not to let too much time pass before we see each other.”

CBS: Uruguay is your native country – does your 8-year-old speak Spanish? Have you ever taken him to visit family in Uruguay?

NC: “My family is from Uruguay and I speak Spanish, as it was my first language. However, unfortunately, I haven’t taught my son to speak it and I regret it very much. My parents speak to Kaden in Spanish and he understands a lot, but doesn’t speak it. It’s difficult because I think in English, not Spanish, and my first instinct is to speak English. I took my son to Uruguay when he was very young and I plan on taking him again next year.”

CBS: What do you like to do together as a family?

NC: “My favorite thing to do as a family is lay on the couch and watch movies with a bowl of popcorn.” [laughs]

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