How To Get A Toddler Excited About A Sibling

Having another baby is so exciting! However, with a toddler around, parents understandably worry about how the tot will take to his or her new sibling. Make sure to do the general things, like reading big brother/sister books and taking the toddler to ultrasounds. Also, our friends over at Baby Gizmo have the scoop on other things to say to get your little one ecstatic about the new sibling!

If you have a new baby arriving soon and a toddler running around, try these suggestions to get them excited about the future baby brother/sister.

Baby Can’t Wait To Play With You: Tell your toddler about what baby can’t wait to do! “She can’t wait for you to cuddle her and make her feel loved!” or “She can’t wait to play with you!” Think of how great your child will feel when they know there’s yet another person in the family that is excited to be with them!

Visit Baby Gizmo for more things to say to get your toddler excited about his or her new sibling.

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  • Louise

    Sorry, but you can’t *make* a toddler excited about a sibling with some tricks… And besides, it’s only natural to feel some jealousy and discontent about changes in the family, it’s part of life. Raising children is also about learning them to deal with unpleasant things.

  • mickey

    With these tips the kid will be even more disappointed once the baby is there! 🙂

  • Amanda

    No where in the article does it say it will “make” your toddler become excited about a new addition to the family. They are simple suggestions to help get your toddler used to the idea of another baby coming. They are great suggestions! Your helping your toddler grasp the concept that something is going to change. Books and talking to them is a great way to try and help them understand. It’s all about repetition when teaching children about anything in life. My toddler is 19months old and if I start to talk about a baby in Mommy’s tummy and read him books about it I’m pretty darn sure he will understand a little when it actually happens.

    • mickey

      Well, the title says: ‘How to get a toddler excited… etc’, I don’t see much difference from ‘make’…

      I think statements like ‘Tell your toddler about what baby can’t wait to do! “She can’t wait for you to cuddle her and make her feel loved!” or “She can’t wait to play with you!” suggest that everything has to be ‘fun’, but it’s just not always ‘fun’ to have a new sibling that you can be jealous of at times…

  • Amanda

    Why wouldn’t you want to say positive exciting things to your child to get your toddler excited about another baby coming into the family. It’s going to be a change. Positive or negative, but I’d rather use the positive aspect of it before the negative. I feel once the baby comes and your senseing that there is some jealousy, what is obviously going to happen. Then you deal with it when it’s happening so they can understand the kind of feelings they are having towards the addition. “Make” is forcing you child to do something like it or not! “Excited” is more of a feeling.

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