10 Awesome Things To Do With The Kids This Thanksgiving

10 Awesome Things To This Thanksgiving

Excited for Thanksgiving? If you have kids in the house or children who may be visiting, you may be gathering ideas that will help make the holiday a little more special for those that you are thankful for. Our friends over at Mommyish have the scoop on totally do-able ideas and projects that won’t add any stress to preparing the big Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: What could make more sense than having the kids run around outside hunting for items while you cook? They will also come back to the table hungry and happy to eat!

10 Awesome Things To This Thanksgiving

Leaf Sugar Cookies: Add orange, green, yellow, and red food coloring to different handfuls of a standard sugar cookie recipe, then mix all of the handfuls together (making sure not to blend the colors). Roll out the sugar cookie dough, then let the kiddos cut out adorable leaf shapes!

Visit Mommyish for more awesome things to do with the kids this Thanksgiving!

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