LeAnn Rimes: Soccer Stepmom

LeAnn Rimes and Jake, 5, cheered on Mason, 10, at his soccer game in Woodland Hills, California last Saturday (November 2). The How Do I Live singer and Jake had some laughs while sitting in the sidelines.

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn were at the Best Man Holiday premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday (November 6) when the actor addressed tabloid rumors – especially the recent one of the couple getting divorced.

He told E! News, “We laugh at ’em! That’s what we do. You laugh it off. That’s all you can do.”

“I don’t get it,” he added. “We’re not that interesting, I promise.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Heather

    The boys are beautiful. The older one is going to be stunning in a few more years!

  • SMH

    She just comes off so fake to me. Like she’s putting on a display for the paparazzi.

  • A. Smyth

    It’s awful that she seems to be trying to get sympathy using these kids – and they’re not even hers!

  • theoriginal bubbles

    why the hell is she with the kids by herself??? I thought Brandy and Ediot are splitting 50/50 custody? I wouldn’t want that crazy loonie around my dog, let alone my kids!
    just because she stole your husband doesn’t mean she gets the kids too!

    • Anonymous

      You can’t steal someone’s husbands.

    • D

      true!! Im sure I read somewhere that if Eddie is unable to look after the children himself then Brandi has them, in the terms of their divorce.
      Brandi unfortunately doesn’t yet have the money for the lawyers like Rimes does (cos you know Eddie isn’t paying for anything).

    • WTH

      She is the stepmom perhaps the father and mother were unavailable. I dont see a problem with her taking them to their soccer game. Would you rather have them miss their game? The kids look very comfortable with her. They dont seem upset at all. She is not forcing the little one to give her attention he is smiling and happy. Totally unrealistic to think kids’ stepmom will never be alone with them.

      • WTH=Leann Rimes

        Stop making excuses for your behavior.

  • Anonymous

    I see crazy hasn’t showed up here yet…

  • meghan

    She is so aware of the cameras. Probably because she called them.

  • Anonymous

    Step-mother takes kids to their soccer game because the parents have better things to do…. and you hags vilify the the step-mother???

    You people are crazy.

  • Anonymous

    She’s the only one at the game, not the father, not the mother. Yet people STILL are vicious. SMH

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