5 Things To Consider While Traveling By Plane With Your Baby

The holiday season is almost here, which means new parents everywhere will soon be taking their babies on plane flights to see the relatives. If you plan to travel by plane with your baby this holiday season, our friends over at Baby Gizmo have the scoop on several things to remember to make sure the flight is safe for you and your little bundle of joy.

1. Think about baby’s ears. When taking off and landing, in particular, the change in air pressure causes changes in pressure on the middle ear. This is why adults are advised to hold their nose and pop their ears as a plane rises. The baby can’t do that for themselves. Instead, encourage baby to nurse, suck on a bottle, or put a pacifier in his or her mouth during takeoff and landing. It will allow the pressure to regulate naturally. If the baby becomes ill before a scheduled flight, check with the doctor to make sure it is alright to make that trip.

Visit Baby Gizmo for more things to consider while traveling by plane with baby.

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