Brooke Mueller Reunited With Twins

For the first time in months, Brooke Mueller was seen with her 4-year-old twin sons Bob and Max. The troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen was seen picking up their boys from preschool in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (November 8).

The twins have been in the care of Sheen’s second ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, since May 2012 while Mueller has been in rehab for substance abuse.

According to TMZ, a Los Angeles judge has granted temporary guardianship to Brooke’s brother, Scott Mueller, and ruled that the children will live in their mother’s house. But since her brother lives miles away from the twins’ preschool in a beachside community, a full-time nanny lives in Brooke’s house.

Richards reports that the twins have become violent with her three daughters, and she can no longer care for the boys.

Sheen has taken to Twitter to vent about the situation.

“so lemme see if I got this straight,” he writes. “my twin boys are now in harms way and in grave danger. being ‘raised’ by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an adderol snorting husk called Brooke.

He adds: “and guess what CPS and ‘I’m Italian’ judge anus-brain, you may have gagged me temporarily, but mark my unspoken words, anything happens to my boys, and you will know get to know me, know who I truly am, a loving father. tag – I’m it.”

He concludes, “and if this means being jailed for loving and trying to protect my children, then go for it. I have as many friends on the inside as i do out here. my passion WILL NOT be silenced. you are all now standing in my way. I’d recommend a shift in your geography.”

As for the living situation, the judge felt it was important for the kids to stay in the same school, which is close to Brooke’s house.

Reportedly, Scott moved into his sister’s home on Friday night. It’s unclear whether Brooke will permanently reside under the same roof, since she has not been given full custody rights.

Additionally, Mueller was reportedly granted a temporary restraining order from Sheen to stay at least 100 yards away from her.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Ugh, this entire story makes me sad and angry. Those poor boys. What is wrong with social services?

    I wish Denise had been able to keep them, but it’s completely understandable why she couldn’t.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s Emilio Estevez in all of this? I know that he has his own family to tend to, but I’m surprised to see that he hasn’t stepped in to attempt to provide security and decent home for his likely doomed nephews. Neither has he and Charlie’s parents. What’s going on with the Sheen/Estevez’s?

      I can’t believe that the courts allowed a mother who has FAILED AT >>21<< ATTEMPS AT SOBRIETY to regain any resemblance of custody with her very and obviously psychologically damaged kids. She and Charlie are D I S G U S T I N G !

      Those boys will be addicted to alcohol and drugs before their 13th b-day.
      Wait for it.

      • SiervaMaria

        In fairness to Martin Sheen and his wife, Emilio and his wife, Charlie’s other siblings OR, Brookes family, this is Brooke and Charlie’s responsibility and I find it seriously wrong that anyone would be criticizing anyone BUT those two! Charlie deserves no less the criticisms that’s being heaped on these kids mothers head. What did he do in this? He shuffled off his responsibilities to his ex wife! I just read how the child protective services has said he has done nothing but pass the care of these boys off to others and then blame them when care hasn’t been up to his standards. They said he is selfish, self involved, an egomaniac, more interested in his career than anything and I repeat, this is not his parents, brothers and sisters fight. I know they love them but they shouldn’t be held accountable for this in any shape size or form.

  • Cam

    Those poor boys.

    • mickey

      How DARE Charley Sheen criticize anyone if neither him nor the mother of his two boys can care for them properly? This is what I really don’t understand!

  • Anonymous

    The only positive attribute that Charlie Sheen has is that he knows he is completely incompetent to raise those boys. Their mother is also incompetent but she just doesn’t seem to get it yet.

    • Anonymous

      If she has the boys, she has the money. And that’s likely as deep as it goes for her. >>>>21 SEPERATE ATTEMPS AT SOBRIETY<<<<.

  • Anonymous

    “A Los Angeles judge has granted temporary guardianship to Brooke’s brother, Scott Mueller, and ruled that the children will live in their mother’s house. But since her brother lives miles away from the twins’ preschool in a beachside community, a full-time nanny lives in Brooke’s house.”

    So send the boys to a different school! What is the point in awarding guardianship to Brooke’s brother if the boys aren’t even going to be under his supervision? Isn’t the whole point in providing a guardian to keep them safe from harms way? While none of us really know the state of mind that Brooke is currently in, I highly doubt that she is sound and stable enough to provide the loving, caring, and structured environment that those boys need. I honestly do believe that people can change and hopefully I’m wrong but I do see another trip to rehab in her future and its not right that her boys be subject to her harmful behaviors. It is so sad that this country’s social services system is as dysfunctional as it is.

    • annie

      Couldn’t agree more! Personally I think those boys were best of with Denise.
      Not a fan of her, but she seems like a great mom and she seems like one of the only people who actually has the boys’ best interest at heart

    • Meliss

      I think keeping them in the same school is the best thing for them. They’ve had too much change and trauma in their little lives already. So, I say keep the same school, get rid of the mother.

      • NYCMommy

        Meliss- normally I would agree but since they are supposedly about to be kicked out of that presschool for aggressive behavior it may just be best for them to go with Uncle Scott and start a new school. On Daily Mail they show Brooke out looking for a new condo so maybe her brother is going to stay at home with children and she will be in her new place…. not sure just specualting.

        • Meliss

          Wowzers! I was totally unaware of that. These poor kids. They’re 5 minutes old and have already been so effected by their bonehead parents that they’re physically acting out. Who gets kicked out of preschool?

  • coco

    Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are two people who weren’t meant to reproduce.
    But now those boys are there, so I really wish they can find someone to care for them.

  • len

    let me get this straight… Those twins have 4 grandparents, one “stepmother”, one sister ( cassandra estevez), many uncles and ants on both side of their family, and more importantly TWO PARENTS and no one can/wants to take care of them? Why can’t their dad take care of them? oh right, because he has a drug/alcool problem, well, when you have health problems that important, you simply don’t make kids. And don’t go crying when,4 years into their mesirable life, they have been sent to one home to another and end up with their uncle/troubled mother whom you married what, 6 years ago and divorced 2 years later….

    it’s degusting. At least Bob has a huge smile on his face, so somehow being with that woman made him happy, which is “good”. I feel bad for Sam and Lola because they are old enought to probably understand that all of this is not normal. Hopefuly, at 4 years old, Max and Bob don’t understand that no one can/ want to take care of them. But in a couple of years they will. So brooke and Charlie Sheen have that little time to make things right.

    • Anonymous

      They’re not going to “make things right”, they’re going to destroy those boys. And when something truly awful happens, mark my words, they will both point fingers at each other.

      Charlie Sheen thinks he’s blameless in this, but he had PLENTY of notice that this woman wasn’t well. It’s not like he spent the past 4 years straightening himself up so he could do the right thing for those boys.

  • anonymous

    leave them with Denise! This is insanity

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure she would keep them if she could but it clearly states that the boys were beginning to get abusive with her daughters. I read on another site that it was normally when they would return from visits with Brooke that they would become violent.
      She has been very kind over the past few years and opened her home and heart to those boys when she didn’t have to. Its really too bad that it had to end up this way. I’m sure she would have gladly kept them if she could.

  • Anonymous

    I really have a lot of respect for denise richards. I use to not think much of her but after all of this I think she is a really good person, and helps where she can. I use to think she was one of those celebs who did things for charity for the publicity, but clearly she has a big heart. You can’t blame her for giving the boys back, at a certain point she has to protect her own children. I feel bad for those boys and wish them the best.

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