How To Cooperatively Co-Parent After Separation or Divorce

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Since they’re parents of a two-year-old son, Flynn, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s separation is more than just celebrity news. They have become role models for how to handle divorce. Bloom recently stated in a TV interview, “We love each other. We’re a family. We’re going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives.” That, in essence, is the reality divorcing parents face. Why not approach it cooperatively for the well-being of your children?

No doubt, life for parents after divorce can be enormously complex and challenging for many reasons. However, when Mom and Dad are on the same page, so to speak, they can parent as a team regardless of how far apart they live. Keep in mind that when you’re more open and receptive to your co-parent, you are more likely to get what you really want in the end. Good listening skills, flexibility, and the commitment to do what’s best on behalf of your children are all part of a smart co-parenting mindset.

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