Tobey Maguire & Ruby: Meetup With Leo DiCaprio

Tobey Maguire and Ruby were spotted outside the Bowery Hotel waiting for Leo DiCaprio in New York City on Saturday (November 9). When the Wolf of Wall Street star arrived – he carried Ruby to their ride.

Ruby – who wore a bold red coat – turned 7 on Sunday.

The actors are great friends. At Cannes this year – Maguire said of his Great Gatsby co-star, “We take our jobs very seriously, but have a lot of fun too. I was inspired working with my friend, one of my best friends, who happens to be a great actor.”

Leo also has said to Access Hollywood, “I have a great relationship with them, they’re the best, those kids.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet


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  1. amanda

    Really CBS ” he carried Ruby to shield his face from the cameras”, I’m sure it’s just the angle. He has been around her all of her life, I highly doubt he would use her.

  2. Cláudia

    Ruby looks so much like Tobey.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry but that look like exactly what he’s doing, Leo has done some dumb stuff to shield his face from the cameras before.

  4. AvaElizabeth

    I love Rubys face on the pics where they were waiting *g* too cute!

  5. Gemi

    The first pictures is great, they look identical.

  6. Tatiana

    what is the model of the car seat in his hands?

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