Rachel Zoe: “I’m Literally 9 Months Pregnant”

In the final days of her pregnancy, Rachel Zoe stepped out with her 2-year-old son Skyler on Monday (November 11). The mother-son duo went shopping at Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“[My second pregnancy is] wonderful. It’s great,” the celebrity stylist, 42, told Us at Saturday’s Baby2Baby event. “I mean, I’m literally 9 months pregnant so this I think will probably be one of my last outings. I’m going into hibernation!”

“I’m tired,” she added. “It’s really hard to get really dressed up, but it’s like you do it when it’s important and tonight is really important.”

The reality star said that her son is finally getting excited about becoming a big brother. “I think he is getting there,” she said. “He gets it that there is a baby inside me. It’s taken a while to get him there, but he is getting there.”

While she’s “a little superstitious” to get the nursery set up, she is planning her hospital attire.

“I am actually trying to plan that,” she shared. “I really am actually! You try to stay as chic as long as you can.”

But when it comes to trying to lose the baby weight after her second child is born, the famously slim fashionista said she will be doing “nothing.”

She added: “Chase a toddler and be a mother. Any new mother will tell you don’t have to exercise, you just have to be a mom. Being a mom is the best exercise!”

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  • nance

    You’re “literally” 9 months pregnant?? As opposed to what, “figuratively” 9 months pregnant? What a knob! Guess self-imposed starvation kills brain cells big time!

    • lee

      Don’t be so aggressive. Maybe she means she is literally 9 months, which probably means she was 9 month pregnant that day

    • annie

      Lol! That’s exactly what I was thinking too

  • chelsea

    42? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  • lilly

    What?!?! Yesterday she didn’t even show a bump and today she’s 9 months pregnant?Very interesting…

    • Anonymous

      OMG.. I can’t take any more of you weird conspiracy theorists.

  • Joey

    I was going to say the same thing. She’s hardly showing and she’s 9 months? I guess she carries well.

  • Sarah

    Where is she keeping that fetus? Her handbag?

  • Martha

    Wish she’d take her son to the hairdresser before hibernating.

    • Anonymous

      Woo Wooo Woooo The Haircut Police Have Arrived!

  • Anonymous

    Really?! It seems like they just announced her pregnancy. I seriously thought she was only like 4 or 5 months. She must not have begun showing until she was pretty far along. That or I’m just blind…

  • Kristina

    Her jeans always look weird…. you don’t even see her shoes

  • mickey

    Makes me wonder where she hides that baby, with that extremely skinny body…

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