Brooke Mueller’s Preschool Pick Up

Troubled mom-of-two Brooke Mueller was seen picking up her 4-year-old twin sons Max and Bob from preschool in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (November 12). The day before, Brooke was spotted shopping for condos in Beverly Hills.

Prior to being reunited with her children last Friday, the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen told a judge she’s been sober for seven months. But according to Radar Online, Brooke recently returned a positive test for Adderall, the amphetamine used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Adderall is the drug she blamed for sending her to rehab — her 19th stint — last year.

“However, the hair follicle test revealed that the positive result was from the Adderall that she takes for ADHD and has a prescription for,” a source revealed. “There is no indication that she is abusing crystal methamphetamine, as she has done in the past.”

The insider added: “Brooke has snorted and smoked Adderall in the past. There is no way to determine if Brooke is snorting or smoking it, or if she is taking it in the pill form, as prescribed. But if Brooke was truly serious about her sobriety, you would have to think that she wouldn’t be taking Adderall. Someone with her extensive addiction to crystal meth can be treated with another class of prescription drugs that aren’t amphetamine based.”

Despite this revelation, the source added that she is still on track to regain full custody of her sons, and that child protective services doesn’t view this as a violation because of her prescription.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s brother, Scott Mueller, is the temporary guardian of the boys in the wake of Denise Richardsexplosive letter detailing how the twins have transformed from “kind and loving” young boys to “zombie-like” children who exhibit “extreme violent mood swings” and “violent behavior.”

As such, Denise opened up her home to the boys since Brooke first entered rehab last year.

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  • eliz1

    god he is the SPITTING image of charlie! not sure which one that is, in the main pic in the grey tshirt… he does look very mischievous- i hope they end up in a loving home

    • Anonymous

      I agree. He DOES look very mischievous in that photo. We can only imagine what he’s plotting. Brooke may find herself seriously injured by her own toddlers.

      I also hope that they don’t get into her stash when she inevitably passes out in a drug induced stooper.

    • Kristina

      It’s Max 🙂

  • Cheritina

    This whole situation just makes me sad, those poor children, most likely they were born addicted to something and had to detox themselves without any help…just makes me sick. I sure do hope they end up in a loving home. If what they say is true and she aborted one baby when she was pregnant with triplets, she should have her uterus ripped out without being put under.

    • klutzy_girl

      Okay, I don’t agree with her parenting at all, but it was her choice to abort a third baby (if it’s true) and there’s nothing wrong her decision there. What was was wrong was going behind Charlie’s back about an abortion (if that’s true, too).

      • anon.

        where did you hear that?

        • klutzy_girl

          RadarOnline (which I hate and never believe, thus the “if it’s true” claims I added).

          And look at it this way if anyone is upset (for no reason) about what Brooke chose to do with her own body: At least there’s not another innocent little kid being dragged into this mess.

      • Anonymous

        Charlie beat her and tried to kill her. She doesn’t owe him anything in life.

        • klutzy_girl

          That is a good point (although I thought that happened after the twins were born? It could have definitely happened before that, too, however).

    • Anonymous

      Her reproductive choices are none of your business.

  • Heather

    My goodness that many people to go pick them up from school. Poor kids, it’s such a freak show they live in.

    • anon.

      The entourage is definitely overkill – notwithstanding the fact that Brooke probably needs to be chaperoned.

    • Anonymous

      How many people went? Why do you seem to think you know how many people were there to pick them up?

      • Heather

        Um. Look at the pictures.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not an idiot. I do SEE other people, but how do YOU know they were all there to pick up those kids?

  • maryellen

    these kids will never turn out normal, their lives have been nothing but a dysfunction junction. I pity them…..theyve been here, there and everywhere with no sense of normalcy at all (except maybe w/ denise richards). good luck bob and max.

  • Anonymous

    >>>20<<< (soon to be 21) failed attempts at sobriety, and she regains custody of her drug addicted, psychologically damaged preschoolers! $?*&#%+{?! THEN WHY HAVEN’T THEY STEPPED UP TO GAIN CUSTODY FROM BROOKE AND THEIR (even WORSE than Brooke) PATHTIC, UNCONTROLLABLE, FOUL MOUTHED, SPITFUL, VENDICTIVE, SELFISH, PERMANANTLY MENTALLY DAMAGED, UNFIT FATHER OF A SON!

    The Sheen grand parents should ALSO be ashamed.

    And as MUCH as I applaud Denise for trying her VERY, VERY best, she should only be focusing on her OWN daughters who are ALMOST as likely to end up drug and alcohol addicted as their brothers, due to Charlie’s demented genes coursing through their veins.

    Denise was prettier and not as stickily thin back then, so she definitely could’ve scored herself a successful (mark) man, who wasn’t so severely addicted and self-destructive to date, marry, and reproduce with. Money isn’t everything. It is a PROVEN fact that most addicted parents produce more likely to be addictive offspring. What was she thinking. I hope that Sam and Lola will beat the odds. If only for Denis’s sake.

    I wish them ALL well in any regards.

  • anonymous

    very sad situation and brooke looks rough! but the paparazzi should not be allowed anywhere near that school!

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