Bethenny Frankel: “I’m Not A ‘Sit In Front Of The TV’ Mom”

Bethenny Frankel bundled up while pushing her daughter Bryn in the stroller in New York City on Wednesday (November 13). The talk show host spoke to US Weekly last week when she compared her divorce to ice cream.

She said, “Divorces are like ice cream, there are a lot of different flavors. Some can be very amicable, and some can be very peaceful and easy, and some can be really brutal. I honestly did not have any idea how difficult in the very least it can be.”

The 43-year-old added,  “I’m very straightforward. [But] people probably know about 10 percent of the story and I can’t share the story.”

Frankel also said she’s not ready to date.

“It’s like having food poisoning and not wanting to eat again. In theory it sounds somewhat appetizing, but in reality it just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me.”

On holiday plans she told US, “We’ll definitely do Christmas cookies. We’ll definitely do the tree decorating and the house decorating. That’s the best thing about kids — they make you young again.”

She also talked about being active stating, “I’m not a ‘sit in front of the TV’ mom or ‘let’s just waste time’ mom. I want to do great, interesting things with [my daughter]. It doesn’t mean we have to go to Europe or to the Eiffel Tower. It just means sitting in the playground or [saying], ‘Let’s have a picnic.'”

Her favorite thing she likes to do with her daughter is have Mommy and Me dinners with Bryn’s friends.

“It’s great,” she gushed. “She’s a real person now!”

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  • Someone

    Stupidest analogy ever

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, divorce sucks a lot when you try to cut your child’s father out of her life (and yes, that’s what primary physical and legal custody is).

  • Nadine

    Maybe she should spend more sitting in front of the TV. She might learn what the term analogy means. In some cases, it’s not the TV that makes you stupid.

  • anonymous

    Well said Nadine. I used to like her, she has grown to be rather obnoxious!

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