Cheatsgiving: How To Get Out Of Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here! Many people enjoy spending hours in the kitchen cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner, but for others, the preparation of this meal causes major stress and anxiety. Maybe it’s the expectation, or maybe because it’s the only meal people eat that day, everyone is about ready to faint from low-blood sugar by the time it is ready. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend Thanksgiving Day relaxing and not worrying about cooking anything?

There is a “secret recipe” for never having to construct the most labor-intensive meal of the year! Visit Mommyish to discover how you can spend many, many years never sweating over a pot of mashed potatoes again!

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God, I am so hungry for turkey and mashed potatoes (I’m picky, so only Thanksgiving food I eat). Cannot wait for Thanksgiving!