DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


It seems like once Halloween is over, all of the Christmas decorations go up and everyone forgets about Thanksgiving. Fall and Thanksgiving decorations are so gorgeous and not to be forgotten about! There are so many neat Thanksgiving decor items that are perfect for getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. They will make your home even cozier and impress your loved ones!

Wondering how you can decorate your home for Thanksgiving? Our friends over at Baby Gizmo have the scoop on unique and inspiring DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas that you can do with the family!


Acorn Frame: Buy acorns from a craft store or collect them if you’re able to, and create this acorn frame. All of the kiddos would love this craft!

Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree: Get your whole family to create a thankful tree! Fill the branches with leaves that all have something you’re thankful for written on them. Read them aloud or add a new one until it’s Thanksgiving, but, most importantly, keep remembering that it’s the season of being thankful!

Visit Baby Gizmo for more fun and inspiring DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas.

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