Bethenny Frankel: I Would Like To Have Lindsay Lohan On My Show

Talk show host and entrepreneurial sensation Bethenny Frankel has sure been one busy mama! She recently partnered with AriZona Beverages for her new line of Skinnygirl Sparklers, sparkling water with fruit flavor. The Real Housewives of New York City alum also has “a lot of different food products coming out.”

Bethenny opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she came up with the idea for Skinnygirl Sparklers because she likes things to be “fun, exciting, and a little effervescent.” She goes on to discuss how “so many unexpected things happen” on her talk show and whether her daughter, Bryn, 3, is like her personality wise. 

CBS: Tell us all about your partnership with AriZona Beverages for the Skinnygirl Sparklers. What sets Skinnygirl Sparklers apart from other sparkling waters on the market?

BF: “It’s really exciting! I had the idea for Skinnygirl Sparklers years ago, but I was waiting for the right partner who got the concept and could do it to the scale that I wanted to do it, as far as distribution, creativity and power goes. AriZona is an unbelievable partner and I am so excited about working with them. This is going to be huge. It’s a great product that is exciting, fun, and flirty.

Skinnygirl Sparklers are sparking water with fruit flavor. In regard to what sets Skinnygirl Sparklers apart from other sparking waters, they don’t have that fake flavor and film that makes you get sick of it after a couple of sips. I am very sensitive to that. Skinnygirl Sparklers are very refreshing and sweet, but not overly sweet. I created Skinnygirl Sparklers as a way to stay hydrated, because I don’t love to drink water. I know water is the most ideal, but I am bored by water and I like things to be fun, exciting, and a little effervescent.”

CBS: How did you choose the four flavors? What is your favorite flavor?

BF: “I wanted to have a spectrum of flavors. Strawberry-lemonade is very girly, and Tangerine-Mango and Pineapple-Coconut are flavors that I knew I would crave. My favorite flavor is the Pink Grapefruit flavor, because it is so refreshing. On my show, I am also doing a contest where someone is going to win 10,000 dollars and get his or her own ingenious flavor on the shelves. So soon we are going to add one extra flavor, but I am not sure what that is because we have to judge all of the flavor submissions and decide. People have been sending in the best videos! It’s really great, because whoever has the best idea and recipe will actually get their flavor on the shelves. We’ve been getting thousands of submissions, because I think the idea of having your own product idea on the shelves is as exciting as the money.”

CBS: Your talk show has been a great success! Why do you think your talk show is so appealing to viewers? What can fans of the show expect to see in upcoming segments? 

BF: “I think people are starting to connect with the show and pick up on it, because it is different every day. You don’t really know what you’re going to get. It features conversations that women are having in real life. It’s the kind of show where you might be vacuuming or sitting in your house, then you turn on the TV and want to get into the conversation and give your opinion on the topics. There are so many points of views, and I feel like people want to be in the conversations and connecting in that way.

In regard to what fans can expect to see in upcoming episodes, every segment is so different from others and so many unexpected things happen. We just had James Blunt and he serenaded me and was really fun, flirty, and playful. The best guests are the ones who come on the show to have a really great time and it’s contagious. The pajama party that we had with Joey Fatone and Adrienne Bailon was definitely my favorite episode yet. Tyson Beckford also just came on and the audience went crazy because of a dare he had. Every segment is always different. There is really lighthearted fun and there are also deep conversations. For example, we just talked about spanking or no spanking and whether people think that physically disciplining your child is appropriate. A lot of people do, and that was a heated discussion. We discuss a great variety of topics, and women definitely jump in on the conversation.”

CBS: Which celebrities would you love to feature on the show? 

BF: “I would like to have Lindsay Lohan on my show and have a conversation with her. It changes all of the time, because it depends on what someone is going through and the conversation that someone is willing to have. Did I know that James Blunt was going to be one of my favorite guests ever? No, but he was was because he came on and was so fun, open, and revealing. You could have the biggest celebrities on the show who are not willing to reveal anything about themselves, which is not ideal. On the other hand, you can have someone come on the show ready to be open and play, and that is what is really fun. It’s about what the dynamic is and who the audience connects with.”

CBS: You are an accomplished television personality, talk show host, author, and entrepreneur. Is there anything else on your bucket list?

BF: “I don’t have a bucket list; I just have ideas. I don’t sit here and think about all the wonderful things I would like to do. I am pretty fortunate. I have an amazing daughter, and I have a great career. Working with the amazing people on my talk show has been such a great experience. I also love being inspired by the audience every day. So I don’t have a bucket list; if I come up with a great idea, then I try to execute it if it helps people. If I think of something I want to talk about, then we talk about it. I don’t have this big long list of things I want.” 

CBS: Tell us about Bryn. Is she like you personality wise?

BF: “I think that Bryn is like me in some ways. She’s funny, sassy, silly, exciting, loving, and passionate.” 

CBS: If we asked her what kind of mom you are, what would she tell us?

BF: “She would say that I am a fun, strict, and loving mommy. There’s nothing we don’t do together to bond. We go to the park and to Disney On Ice, and we also have picnics and take nice walks. We have snuggle parties, cook, bake, and do everything. We sing and have dance parties too.” [laughs]

CBS: What are the challenges of being a single parent? What advice do you have for other parents on balancing your work and family life?

BF: “I guess there are challenges, but life is full of challenges. You don’t complain, you don’t explain, you just do it.

I’d say it’s important to be pretty organized and efficient, because if you use your time wisely, then you can have a lot of quality time with your child. For example, my daughter is at school right now and I’m doing an interview, and I also just did a 45-minute yoga DVD and organized some things I had to organize. Then I’ll be right there at pick-up and I won’t have to think about anything besides being with Brynn completely. So definitely use your time wisely. If you just sit around wasting time, then you have to take care of things when you are with your child. On the other hand, if you use your time wisely, then you can be totally focused on spending time with your kid.”

CBS: What is up next for you?

BF: “Skinnygirl Sparklers just came out, I have a lot of different food products coming out, and we just launched new Skinnygirl Wines. There are new wines, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet. The nutritional Skinnygirl Bars are also now available nationwide. I am really focused on salty snacks and appliances, and I am also coming out with dips, hummus, soups, and chips. At the moment, I am really focused on the show, as that is my biggest project.“

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