How to Deal With Your Child’s Fear of Santa Claus

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If your kid is afraid of Santa Claus, taking a picture of her on his lap won’t be easy!
I was at the mall doing some early Christmas shopping when I heard a child screaming at the top of his lungs. I thought maybe the boy was lost or someone was hurting him. I rushed towards the screams because I wanted to see what was going on. Suddenly, I found myself behind a long line of parents and children waiting to see Santa Claus. Inside the little Santa house was the young boy, red-faced with tears down his face, still screaming in his green Christmas-themed sweater. As a mother, I felt like jumping in there and taking him away from what was causing him such trauma. You could tell the boy’s parents were upset with him, because they appeared embarrassed. I thought “what’s wrong with this picture?”

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  • SiervaMaria

    Uh, not tell them there is one? My mom never did and I can’t remember ever feeling I missed out on celebrating Christmas because of it. We did the tree, presents but, there was never this idea it all came from “Santa.” I followed suit and it’s all good. Don’t demand they not believe but explain that particular part of the traditions.

  • Juli

    Just not have a picture taken with Santa as long as your kid is too young and afraid to enjoy “meeting Santa”?

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