Ways to Make Baby’s First Holiday Special

New parents are excited to start making holiday memories with their bundle of joy.  It’s a joyful, family oriented time of the year and many parents are looking to start creating holiday traditions with their little one. Fortunately, Difrax Baby Company’s Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg has brainstormed some of the best ways to include your baby in the festivities and has shared them with us.

  • The key to keeping baby happy at the holidays is going to be lights and music! Anything with sparkly lights and happy music should entertain your baby.
  • Take lots of pictures- even if your baby can’t help you make the cookies, you will have pictures to prove that is something you’ve done since they were a baby.
  • Nighttime drives/walks through the holiday lights.  A drive through the lights will help sooth your baby and introduce them to the joys of the holidays. It is also a perfect time to introduce your baby to holiday characters like Rudolph and Frosty.
  • Stroll through Malls, look at decorations. – Malls are some of the happiest places during the holidays. Twinkling lights and bright read ornaments hang from every corner.  Take the time to point out colors and introduce your child to new words.
  • Holiday music festivals – All babies love music! Find free holiday concerts at schools, churches, synagogues and community centers.
  • Go to a holiday parade – Another great tradition to start before they even know what they are going to.
  • Visit Santa – chances are your baby may scream on Santa’s lap, but the pictures and memories will be worth the fuss!
  • Read Holiday books together – pick your favorite holiday classics and find them in a child’s or baby version. When you start young, they are sure to become your child’s favorites as well.
  • Sing Holiday songs together – Switch out the ABC’s for Christmas Carols or Hanukkah classics.
  • Watch Holiday movies/shows – Your baby may not know what they are watching, but they will fall in love with our beloved holiday characters.
  • Go caroling with baby in a sling or carrier.  Baby will enjoy listening to the singing voices and it might make for a fun family tradition.
  • Surprise your neighbors/family with treats. Bring baby along to drop off.
  • Take holiday pictures – Dress your baby up as an elf or a candy cane. If they are just born, place them in a stocking. Infant pictures at Christmas time are some of the cutest baby pictures you’ll have. Plus, they aren’t old enough to protest yet.
  • Start an ornament collection – pick out an ornament that reminds you of your baby (Baby’s first Christmas) and continue the tradition every year. Eventually they will become sports or activities and trips. Then, when your child has their own tree, you can pass the box of ornaments on to them.

Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg offers her tips to expectant and new parents. Vivienne is the owner of Difrax, a Dutch baby products company that pioneered the 3-stage pacifier system designed to accommodate each stage of baby’s development with newborn to 6 month, 6 + month an 18+ month sizes, which make for a fun little stocking stuffer for your little one.  Difrax offers innovative, stylish, and trendy products that make the lives of babies and their parents as convenient and as pleasant as possible.

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