Daphne Oz Is Honored At Star Showers Launch

Last Thursday (November 14) The Chew’s Daphne Oz was honored with a “Star Shower” hosted by White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA), Kangu, The MOMS (Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein), and the Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group.

The event was to raise awareness of and funds for pregnant women in need of medical care in the developing world. Guests included Hilaria Baldwin, Georgina Bloomberg, Georgina Chapman, Amber Sabathia and Latham Thomas.

The ladies joined together to honor Daphne’s approaching birth and to foster a conversation about the issue of preventable maternal mortality.

Star Showers included a virtual baby shower powered by Kangu, at www.starshowers.org, where anyone can make a donation towards life-saving medical care for a pregnant woman in need – and can do so in honor of a special mom-to-be in their life.

Oz said, “Being part of Star Showers is like being part of a baby shower for the world where we are all celebrating and uniting for something bigger. It’s a powerful feeling of global sisterhood when we join together to make birth safe for women everywhere.”

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Photo credit: Claudette Polidoro


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  1. Sheyla

    Wow I thought that was Holly Madison!

  2. Elli

    Wow why doesn’t she have her dad Dr. oz on her show! After all he is the grandfather! She never talks about her dad! He never talks about her..
    Nice to see her Georgina Chapman is that Mr Weinsteins wife? The designer?

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