Brooke Mueller & Boys: After School Hike

Brooke Mueller took her 4-year-old twin boys Max and Bob on a hike at Tree People Trail in Beverly Hills, Calif. last Friday (November 15). With bodyguards in tow – everyone carried sticks throughout their walk.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight – Denise Richards spoke out about the letter she wrote to the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services advising that she could no longer care for the boys in her home.

“The hardest thing actually was that [the letter] was so public. It [is] something that could have been dealt with privately… (I wrote) something personal as a mom… I was very upset that something like that would become public. It’s a shame it ultimately affects the children and not just the boys. It affects our daughters too because they hear things. I am very protective of that.”

She heard about the letter being leaked on the set of Twisted.

She said, “I was sick. I could’nt look at anything. I was angry… then I stopped and had to remember, ‘What did I write in that?’”

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So sad, it definitely has put Denise it a terrible position. At least Brooke is doing some positive things with the boys, hopefully it’s not a photo op!


It’s a photo op.

Funny how before this when she had the boys with her she was able to keep from being photograph by the paparazzi but know where getting these pictures for her doing stuff with them.


True. But i’m sure it Charle uped the anty when he posted all the details on everything a couple weeks ago. Now the paps are just hounding and waiting for her to do something wrong with the boys.


Couldn’t agree with you more Heather. Charlie Sheen is getting off scott free on all fronts and it sickens me. He AND Brooke were substance abusers, alcohol abusers, unfit parents and yet? Charlie has furthered his career, made even more money, turned his kids over to his ex wife to raise and STILL Brooke is the only one being criticized no matter what. It’s crazy.

I’ve NEVER neglected to mention Charlie’s utter failure as a father in my comments. He disgusts me even more than Brooke does. At least she only has two kids that she’s unfit to raise. Charlie has four kids that he’s unfit to raise. The saddest part is that it is far more likely than not, that ALL 4 of the Sheen kids will become drug and alcohol abusers. It’s just a matter of time. Hopefully baby Eloise doesn’t have bio parents who are addicts also. Never cared for Ms. Richards, but have recently changed my opinion in SPADES.

No, it’s not just a matter of time. Having a parent who has an addiction does not automatically mean a child will become an addict. It just makes them predisposed to it. They could still make better choices and have a stable life.


I’m sorry but those boys look spirited.