Danielle Jonas: How I Told Kevin I Was Pregnant

Danielle & Kevin Jonas open up on her pregnancy in the latest issue of Fit Pregnancy. The couple are expecting a baby girl in February.

Danielle shared, “First, I took like 12 tests to conform it. Then I took all the socks out of his drawer and filled it with diapers and a bib that said, ‘I love Daddy’. I also put all the tests in there and a sign that said, ‘I’ll meet you in nine months.’ Then I put his socks downstairs in a basket.”

She continued, “When he got home, I was like, ‘Kevin, can you go put your socks upstairs?’ And he said, ‘Can I just eat first?’” “I was like, ‘Really?’ I was pretty pissed about it. And then he saw what was in the drawer.”

“I was in shock,” added Kevin Jonas. “I was just like, ‘Oh my God, it’s happening! My life’s about to change completely!’”

She also says she’s been working out.

“Honestly, working out has really helped. It makes me feel good. I am still taking antianxiety medication, but at a really low dose. They say if your body is stressed out, that’s not good for the baby, so I figured this was the best thing for me.”

They are building a new house right now and Kevin has plans for their future backyard to include “a tree house and a whole wonderland play area.”

“It’s not what I had growing up. I grew up on food stamps,” he shared.

On November 9 – Danielle had a “Mary Poppins” themed shower.  Hollywood Life reported that Danielle’s makeup artist shared an Instagram picture of the Married to Jonas star’s colorful cake and vibrant decorations. The tables were decorated with jars of candy while blue, yellow and pink balloons hung all around.

She also showed off the gifts writing, “Thank you so much I been siting in this room going [through] everything. I can’t wait for her to be here to see how many people love her!!!”

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He married the wrong woman. I almost feel bad for him. She seems like such a loser.


this girl wrecks my head I dont know why! she’s on antianxiety medication! Jesus get over yourself, what does she have to be stressed about!


That’s not how anxiety works, you idiot.


u can say that again


Well as bad as they sing, I’m surprised they still aren’t on food stamps. Oops…Did I just say that.


Some of you need to get a life. First of all, Kevin is worth $18M so they don’t need to be on food stamps and Danielle is a very sweet girl. She has an anxiety disorder. Money doesn’t suddenly make it go away or in your case Louise, buy you any class.


She looks beautiful and they are going to be great parents!!!


What a sweet way to announce your pregnancy…


Who needs all that baby stuff? They are having ONE kid. Ugh. I cannot look at that without thinking, ‘I know some moms that would be happy to have a tenth of that haul’.


You have enough strollers there to go with your baby, I counted 4. Must be nice!


Good on her for being frank about her anxiety. Wish more people were open about it.