Jennifer Love Hewitt: Ready To Pop

Jennifer Love Hewitt smiled and posed while on her way to visit a friend in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (November 19). She and Brian Hallisay are expecting their first child in December.

It was announced earlier this month that The Client List has been cancelled.

The Hollywood Reporter says the actress had been in talks with producers about the creative direction of the series. She had wanted her real life pregnancy and relationship with Hallisay written into the show.

Sources say the actress’ vision did not gel with what producers had in mind.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet


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  1. KitKat

    This doesn’t look anything like Jennifer Love Hewitt

  2. Heather

    I feel sorry for her – the very end of pregnancy is the WORST!!

  3. Bonnie

    Wow, some of these comments are horrible! She looks like a NORMAL WOMAN AT THE END OF HER PREGNANCY. She’s probably uncomfortable, exhausted, and so so so ready to hold her little baby and not be pregnant anymore. She looks great for being 9 damn months pregnant, so cut her some slack. Yeesh!

  4. Amandine

    She MUST be having a girl if the the myth holds true that ” a girl steals your beauty”. She looks haggard, poor dude!

  5. A. Smyth

    I’m sorry ‘Bonnie’, but she doesn’t look like a normal woman at the end of her pregnancy. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE? It’s exactly like Bethany Frankel got when she was pregnant. I’ve noticed that only some women get that inflated face (I wonder what the preconditions for it are, or whether it’s random)?

  6. KT

    Um…..are we sure that’s Jennifer Love Hewitt? It really REALLY just doesn’t look ANYTHING like her. Like. at. all.

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