Axl Duhamel: Car Cutie

Can Axl Duhamel get any cuter? Earlier this week Josh Duhamel posted a photo via Instagram of their little guy in a toy car. He wrote: “Babies, start your engines!”

Proud mom Fergie also shared the snapshot on her Twitter page. The singer recently told People that she and Josh sing to their 3-month-old all the time.

She said, “The songs that are written [lately are] little ditties and Josh and I sing them to our child. They’re quite funny … we’re like that couple on Best In Show who sing to their pets about their pets … that’s how these songs are.”

“He is very responsive to the songs. He starts kicking and he’s smiling, and he tries to make noise and sing along. It’s amazing. He loves our songs!”

The singer has been busy with work too. She’s launching the Unilever Project Sunlight campaign on Universal Children’s Day – which is providing school meals, safe drinking water and hygiene education to two million children.

Luckily she can work from home.

“I work from home on my footwear and my fragrance and my cosmetics company and the wine,” she stated. “That’s easy because I can even be having a meeting and feeding my child at the same time. I schedule time like I normally do to do emails and take meetings. [But] if he’s awake and he’s got that smile on his face and he’s ready to learn, my emails go out the window.”

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  1. German Girl

    Cute yes, but way to young to sit!
    That’s not good for his back…

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