Lauren Silverman Catches A Flight At LAX

Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman was seen at LAX catching a flight on Friday (November 22). She was on her way back to New York City to be with her son.

Simon’s interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show also aired on Friday. On the show he said they might name the baby Simon.

He said, “It’s my number one choice. That’s my favorite name.”

He added, “I just like the idea of talking to someone else called Simon.”

Soon after Ellen gave him a miniature version of his Bugatti to which he replied, “Oh my god. I love it.”

It’s been reported that The X Factor judge has purchased a ring and is ready to propose to Silverman

“Simon’s mad about her,” one source told US Weekly. “But I think he’ll wait until after she gives birth.”

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  1. Laura

    Does her son live with his father in NYC? She is going to see her son this weekend?

    • Dana

      seriously. she sure spends a lot of time away from her son. poor kid. not only are his parents suddenly divorced, but his mom is off galavanting with another man and having a new baby. Luckily her son is probably closer with his nanny than his mom anyhow.

  2. bebe

    This woman is kind if disgraceful. She got pregnany with her husband’s friend’s child while she was married. She is clearly not shunning the attention. Don’t get me wrong, Simon is as much to blame as her. I clearly have a hard time with her decision not to be with her child, but clearly her ethics, morals and values are completely skewed. Is this ok behavior when the men have loads of money? Are they all the same?

  3. Anonymous

    Give you kid his own damn name. So ridiculous when dumb people give their kids the same name as their father.

  4. Robin

    It’s interesting how Simon is so certain the baby is his. If I was having an affair with a married woman I might have a little doubt.

  5. nance

    I wonder what kind of work she does that she’s always travelling, always on the go and away from her young son…

  6. Sandra

    She is using the new baby as an excuse to be with Simon all the time ‘I.e now that I will be the mother of your child, it’s important that we be a family for the sake of the child bal bla bla’
    Aha but Simon – she already has a child and she spends more time with the father of the new baby although that baby has not arrived yet.
    And she is important to you because she is a mother right?
    …..What mother?

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