Happy 9th Birthday Hazel & Phinnaeus Moder!

Names: Hazel Patricia Moder & Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter Moder

Parents: Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder

Date of Birth: November 28, 2004

Siblings: Henry, 6


♥ Hazel & Finn were born in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ They weighed approximately just over 5 lbs. each

♥ They were born via C-section without complications at 36 weeks

♥ Mama Julia was put on in-hospital bed rest one month before the twins arrived due to early contractions

♥ Julia and her family kept a very low profile. She and Danny raise their three children on a ranch in Taos, New Mexico.


“It’s about women taking care of their families and what an incredible challenge it is for a myriad of reasons, and how fixable it can be. I saw a picture of a woman with a baby on her back, just like I would be with one of my babes on my hip, cooking at the stove. Her hut is full of toxic smoke, and that child is in tremendous peril. It’s my privilege and honor to cook three meals a day for my family, and it’s a luxury on a level that I didn’t even realize, because it can be relentless for me on some days. You have pride in how you take care of your family.” – Julia on motherhood.

“It’s peaceful, and it’s a relief. I always say you can’t be in a bad mood here. I don’t know if it’s New Mexico or just the mountains, but you can’t be silly in a negative way. You can be silly in a fun, whimsical way, but the petty, trite things that make you go, “Oh, God, it’s not the right size” or “Why is this happening like this?”—that kind of stuff doesn’t exist so much here. Everything is kind of clear.” – Julia on raising her children out of the spotlight.

“If I hear them coming, and they don’t know where I am in the house, I crouch down in their private space. They come in [to the room] and I just jump out. Little people can catch air…they just vault!” – Julia on playfully scaring her twins.

“Those nice, cozy, very short hours before bed, we just really spend together as a family talking and sharing the day and reading books, and really, before you know it, it’s time for bed. Part of it is there’s just not time for that. We would prefer something different in that time. We’re more book people in our house. They do get to watch some things. But for us, we just feel there’s a real time and a place for it.” – Julia on not allowing her twins too much TV time.

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  • Anna

    She’s so pretty in this picture.

    And I love that they wear regular kids’ clothes.

    Happy birthday.

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