Special Ways To Celebrate The Holidays As A Family


The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for gift-giving and cheerful get-togethers with the whole family. Most importantly, the holidays are a time for festive traditions that help the family bond throughout the season and beyond.

If you’re looking for special ways to celebrate the holidays with your family, parenting expert and Daddy & Co by DaddyScrubs.com founder Daddy Nickell has the scoop on exciting holiday activities that the whole family will love.

Holiday Charades: Play a game of charades with the whole extended family and make sure each person acts out something that has to do with the holiday season. This can be a reindeer taking off to fly, an elf making Christmas toys, caroling, or Santa reading a Christmas toy list!

Decorate Paper Snowflakes: Have on-hand white and light blue cardboard paper, as well as glue, scissors, glitter, small colored gems, and makers. To make the snowflakes, fold the cardboard paper in half and cut out a semi circle, starting at one end of the crease and ending at the other end. Then fold the semi circle in half a few times, and snip out little triangles, circles, and squares on the edges. Then, one at a time, have each family member unfold the paper to reveal a beautiful snowflake! Finally, have everyone decorate their snowflakes with marker designs, glitter, and small gems on the edges!

Season’s Greetings Bingo: Use an online bingo template to customize printable bingo cards featuring 25 squares (5 rows, five columns). Each individual square features a traditional holiday symbol like a Christmas tree, caroling, and snowflakes, Create a stack of cards featuring the names of all of the symbols (no duplicates!), shuffle the cards, and select one card at a time. Once one of the family members gets five in a row, column, or diagonally, he or she has to yell “Happy Holidays!”

Holiday Cookies: Have on-hand an easy sugar cookie dough recipe, as well as blue, green and red icings, sprinkles, little candies, a roller, and cookie cutters in various holiday shapes like a Christmas tree. Have the kiddos help you whip up the cookie dough, and roll out the dough on a baking sheet. Let the kids cut out holiday shapes using the cookie cutters and lift up the excess dough to roll out into one giant “pie” cookie. Bake all of the cookies and have the kids decorate their individual cookies. Have the whole family decorate one part of the giant “pie” cookie, which can be eaten that night.

Hot Cocoa Bar and Caroling: Take the kids out for a night of caroling, but first have them customize a mug of tasty hot cocoa. Make sure to have on-hand different flavors of hot chocolate, as well as extra add-ons like colorful little marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauces, and whipped cream. Help each child create a hot cocoa masterpiece then take them around the neighborhood for an hour or two of fun holiday songs!

Robert Nickell (a.k.a. Daddy Nickell), father of 7, offers his “5 cents” worth of advice to expectant and new parents. Daddy Nickell is the founder of Daddy & Co. by DaddyScrubs.com, delivery room duds, gifts, and apparel for dads, and the Daddyscrubs.com blog, where he covers topics about parenting and the latest baby and kids gear, all from a Dad’s perspective. Become a fan on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.  And, if you’re searching for one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for dad, the below gifts are sure to make him smile with joy this season!

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