Hillary Scott & Eisele Jet To Nashville

Hillary Scott held her daughter Eisele Kaye close while walking through LAX with husband Chris Tyrrell and bandmate Charles Kelley on Wednesday (November 27). They were on their way to Nashville.

The Lady Antebellum singer tweeted on Thanksgiving: “Overwhelmed with thanks to the Good Lord for so many blessings … Eisele Kaye being at the top of my list! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!”

She also shared new photos via Instagram. In one snapshot posted on Saturday (Nov 30) the baby’s hand and the dog are seen together.

Hillary writes: “My girls love each other.”

The musician had time to bake while with family. She told fans, “The Southern Living Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake was a SUCCESS!!!!”

Before their trip she shared a photo of Eisele wearing sunglasses.

“Sunglass kisses headed home for Thanksgiving…hope everyone has a healthy, happy, & relaxing weekend!”

Scott and Chris welcomed Eisele on July 22.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/Instagram

  • arabella

    eisele is adorable.when she get older people will struggle to pronounce her name.

    • Someone

      So how do you pronounce it anyway? lol I’m sure the way in think it’s pronounced it totally wrong

  • CMC

    Her name Eisele is pronounced Eyes-lee. It is a family name. Eisele is Hillary’s mother in laws maiden name. Also, a little fyi that people keep leaving out of this article being posted everywhere……in the slideshow, the guy right behind Hillary and Eisele carrying the baby seat, that is Hillary’s husband and Eisele’s dad Chris. And the pic of her bandmate, that is his wife the blonde.

  • CC

    Her daughter’s name is pronounced Eyes-Lee. It is a family name, Hillary’s mother in laws maiden name. Also the guy with the baby seat behind Hillary and Eisele in the 2nd pic, that is her husband Chris.

  • Ashley

    Its pronounced like Eye’s-Lee.
    Saw her talk about the name on fashion police interview 🙂

  • teri

    thanks for explaining how to pronounce her name hahaha I’ve wondered 🙂

  • Someone

    Yup I was totally wrong lol…cute name though

  • Anon

    Also her middle name is Kate not Kaye.

  • CC

    Sorry anon, her middle name is Kaye. Kaye is Hillary’s mom’s middle name. Hillary and Chris’ baby girl is Eisele Kaye, named after both grandmas. Also Hillary gave an interview to People recently, and how she got her name is in the interview. It is linked on Hillary’s twitter page on 11-12.

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