Ethan Hawke Says “People Have A Childish View Of Monogamy”

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Ethan Hawke has some mighty strong opinions about how most of us look at monogamy. The actor, who is dad to four children from two different marriages, sees cheating as no reason for a spouse to get their nose out of joint.

Speaking about his marriage to Ryan Shawhughes, ex-husband of actress Uma Thurman told Mr. Porter, “My relationship with my present wife is thrilling to me and I’m committed to it, but neither she nor I know what shape the future will come in. Sexual fidelity can’t be the whole thing you hang your relationship on. If you really love somebody you want them to grow, but you don’t get to define how that happens. They do.”

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  • Mel in STL

    GROSS!!!! When you take vows one of them is “forsaking all others”. What a sad thing to be teaching his kids…your word means nothing, vows mean nothing…horniness is more important than commitment.

    • Anon

      Not everybody’s vows actually say that, you know.

      • Miranda

        Geeze Anon, you would really defend this behavior?! A woman married a ferris wheel last week. Would you defend that? Not everyone’s vows say that is like saying not everyone marries a ferris wheel. Well, yes both are true.

  • Joey

    WOW, I can’t believe that. That’s why he’s on 2 marriages. When it’s all said and done, he should beat Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Cam

    I would say he has a childish view of marriage. I’ve been married 33 years, it’s not always easy, but you work your way through the hard parts together. That’s why they call it a commitment. With his attitude, I wonder why he bothered to get married at all.

    • Miranda

      I was thinking the same thing Cam! Why does he bother getting married? I’ve always wondered how people can marry over and over again (Hello, Kate Winslet!). Just how many times can you promise FOREVER ?!

      P.S. Congrats on your 33 years!

  • Amy

    I love reading all the uptight people throw a tantrum when somebody speaks out with a different view of life.

    We each have our own ability to live our lives the way we want. Basing your marriage on religious vows might work for you, but thankfully we each have the right to have our own decision on what type of vows and relationships we want. He’s not living your life, and you’re not living his.

    As long as we’re all happy, and nobody is being harmed, does it really matter if his opinion is different than yours?

    • Mimi

      Yes, that’s true but he is the one who called other people’s views childish. It’s insulting. So he’ll probably get some insults back. If you read the whole interview, he comes off as judgmental and childish himself.

  • Stephen

    How do you figure that no one is “harmed” when one of the spouses/parents is unfaithful? Whether or not you believe that monogamy is a biblical command, you should nonetheless have enough love and respect for the person you’re with to be faithful to them. The only people who fail to understand that are the people who are so narcissistic that they know only how to live for themselves.

  • Nora

    Thank you Amy – I completely agree.

    • Anonymous

      You agree that he should be able to call other people’s views childish but others shouldn’t be able to say the same thing back to him?

  • ANC

    Marriage, by definition, IS a commitment for life. A person’s “opinion” can’t change that. But a person’s choice to break that commitment can change everything. “Present wife?” I’m sure there’s a lot of security in that phrase for her. And I’m sure that, like his former wife, no one will be hurt when he decides to move on and “grow.”

  • Miranda

    Though I don’t agree with divorce…adults can do what they want. But when you involve innocent children, that’s where I get TICKED. How dare you bring multiple children into the world knowing you won’t be giving them a stable home. Or respecting their mother!

  • SiervaMaria

    I have a strong; a VERY strong feeling that if either of his wives “change(d) the shape of the future” first, his ass would be whistling a completely different and quite territorial tune. Men say these things and the present woman agrees with that bull-caca is nine times out of ten only because she’s going along with the program because:
    1. he pays the bills
    2. she has no true self respect
    3. she’s hanging in because to leave would invalidate her reasoning for having an affair with him while he was married to that last wife.

    What a tool Ethan Hawke is and I’m SO glad Uma got a clue.

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