Ed Burns & Finn: School Time

Ed Burns was spotted walking with Finn, 7, to school on Wednesday (December 4) in New York City. The Mob City actor carried his son’s backpack. Grace, 10 , wasn’t with them.

Last week Christy Turlington posted a family moment on Thanksgiving day on her Instagram account. She wrote: “When the adult’s table becomes the kid’s table… #happythanksgiving”

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly – Burns said being in Mob City is fun.
He said, “The most fun I’ve had as an actor since Saving Private Ryan. I said it on Day One and it’s been a blast. It’s a combination of a couple of things. The scripts are so good. The dialogue is so fun. I mean normally, on movies as an actor, you’re on set in the morning, looking through your sides thinking, “Okay, how am I going to make this work?” This just flows. So you couple that, top to bottom every scene with just one great actor after another.

“I mean, we’ve all been commenting on it. You always play up to the level of competition, so we have a bunch of scenes, we have a bunch of guys, everybody’s really good and everybody is bringing their A-game. And you combine that with a great script and you combine that with a world class filmmaker at the helm, good things are happening. It has restored my faith in acting, quite honestly. Because you know I do my own stuff and I like to act in my own things, you know at a certain point in your career, if you don’t turn into “the guy,” you’re relegated to playing the haircut in a movie, and this kind of reminds you why you wanted to do it in the first place.”

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