Bode Miller’s “Brutal” Custody Battle

Olympic Alpine skier Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, have been fighting for joint custody of Nate, his 9-month-old son with ex-Marine Sara McKenna.

“Nate is such a cool kid,” Miller tells Us. (He also has a 5-year-old daughter, Dace, from a previous relationship.) “He deserves every ounce of fight we have.”

He adds: “It’s been brutal. It’s so easy to get negative about it, but when you see him, everything shifts. I just want to make sure he has the opportunity to live a great life.”

Miller — who won Olympic gold at the 2010 Vancouver games — admits he’s made “mistakes,” but they have made him a better person. He’s currently training for the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014.

For more from Miller — including his Olympic comeback, his wife’s recent miscarriage, and his brother’s death earlier this year — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

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  1. Meag

    His name is actually Sam. Brody & his wife call him Nate because that’s what they wanted his name to be. This guy is disgusting.

  2. Eva

    Wouldn’t need to BE a custody battle if he had just practiced RESTRAINT or even used “precautions” when with Ms. McKenna.

  3. Jls

    He is disgusting. What a media farce. Two woman and one miscarriage. Give it up Bode. Your wife may be snowed but we aren’t.

  4. Meag

    He told her to get an abortion and when she told him she wasn’t, he said that she would be raising the kid alone. Then his wife has a miscarriage and days later he files for custody. Then he doesn’t even call the kid by his real name. What a loser.

  5. Anonymous

    He’s a PIG. It astounds me that so many seemingly “intelligent” people STILL don’t practice safe sex. Or even continue to hop into bed with people they barely know. I hope the judge only allows for 25% custody rights or him. His wife clearly has $$$ on the brain, otherwise she’d run, after witnessing his disgusting behavior.

  6. erinn

    re: “He deserves every ounce of fight we have.”

    IMHO, as a children’s lawyer, actually children don’t deserve to have parents that fight. That’s probably the last thing children need. Joint custody requires two level headed parents that are able to at least engage in reasonable communication with one another for it to work.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow. I just read a little “cliff notes” version of this story. This man does sound like a pig. I sure hope his ex is able to retain custody of that little boy, I sure wouldn’t want my son growing up with that man as a role model.

  8. Anonymous

    Nice to see that so many people aren’t buying the crap puff piece that US is publishing. This guy is a piece of crap and his wife may be even worse.

  9. karen

    I have to agree with the women (and my educated adult daughters) that this man is a real pig. It is so damaging to change a child’s name and try to get custody for selfish reasons. I’m a 67 year old grandmother, and I think Bode should pay the child support and be thankful his former acquaintance did not abort Samuel. I applaud Samuel’s mother, and I hope she forever wins in court.

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