Celebrity Parents Share Holiday Plans

Happy Holidays from Celebrity Baby Scoop!

In celebration of the festive season, we asked some of our favorite high-profile parents to share their holiday plans.

From Alyson Hannigan‘s Christmas at home, to Tori Spelling who loves to cook and bake with her brood, to Candace Cameron Bure‘s charitable traditions, let’s hear how some celebrity families will celebrate the holidays.

  • Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof:

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan and her husband, fellow actor Alexis Denisof, are set to celebrate the season at their Brentwood, Calif. home with daughters Satyana, 4, and Keeva, 19 months.

“We will be at home for Christmas this year,” the Buffy alum, 39, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “I think the girls are worried that if we went somewhere else Santa might not be able to find us.”

“The holidays are a very magical time of year and I look forward to starting traditions we will keep up every year,” Alyson adds. “This year I am thankful for being a mom to the best two girls on the planet, and for having a great husband. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary.”

  • Melissa Reeves:

Days of our Lives star Melissa Reeves and husband, fellow soap star Scott Reeves, enjoy family time with their two children – Emily, 21, and Larry, 16 – during the holiday season.

“My daughter and I look for any excuse to decorate like crazy,” the longtime soap star, 46, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She adds: “We are too crafty! But family time is always my favorite part and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.”

  • Wally Kurth:

Days of our Lives star Wally Kurth plans to spend Christmas in Montana with his three kids – Meghann, 27, Rosie, 17 and Brogan, 8.

“This holiday we are all going to be in Montana to celebrate with my family,” the longtime soap star, 55, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

He adds: “Other years, we go to Pittsburgh and celebrate with my wife’s family. We will be up in the mountains at a ski resort, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

  • Galen Gering:

Days of our Lives star Galen Gering and wife Jenna will get festive with their two sons – Dillon, 7, and Jensen, 5 – with some special holiday traditions.

“As far as traditions go, my boys and I always build a train around our Christmas tree and through a Christmas village that we set up every year,” the soap star, 42, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

He adds: “We also do Elf on the Shelf, who visits every year starting 12 days before Christmas. Elf gets into a lot of mischief, but he only comes out at night. The kids wake up to find what sort of trouble Elf has gotten into.”

  • Kristian Alfonso:

Days of our Lives star Kristian Alfonso and husband Danny Daggenhurst plan to celebrate the holidays with their three boys – GinoJack, and Spartan.

“Any time spent with my family is special because we’re all so busy,” the longtime soap star, 50, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She adds: “So to have all my boys come together and my whole family in once place is so special. It’s what we all work so hard for.”

  • Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott:

Reality stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott love celebrating the Christmas season with their four kids – Liam, 6, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and 1-year-old Finn.

“We celebrate the holidays and every holiday. To us, it’s not about the actual holiday, it’s about a celebration with the family,” Tori tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “That’s what is important to us.”

“We love winter, Christmas, and Hanukkah, and we celebrate it all,” Tori adds. “We cook big meals and we bake a lot. We also make our own ornaments for Christmas each year. So every year we have our ornaments from the year before, and then we add on new ones. My goal is that when my kids are adults, they will each have their own box of all the ornaments they made throughout their childhood.”

  • Thea Andrews:

Omg! Insider’s Thea Andrews is a “fanatic” when it comes to celebrating the festive season with her two sons, Jack, 5, and Tuck, 2.

“I am a Christmas fanatic,” Thea tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She adds: “I go crazy. Decor, big meals, Christmas crackers, presents, Santa, caroling – anything you associate with Christmas, I’m all about it. It was my favorite holiday growing up because my parents – especially my mom – always made it so special for us. Now I want to do the same for my kids.”

  • Bill & Giuliana Rancic:

Reality stars Bill and Giuliana Rancic are big believers in Santa Claus — and they plan to celebrate the spirit of Saint Nick with their 1-year-old son Duke.

“Of course [Duke] is going to meet Santa,” Bill tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “That’s big in our house. He got a glimpse of him last year when he was very young, and he will definitely be ready for Santa this year.”

  • Megyn Price:

A Country Christmas Story actress Megyn Price and her husband are celebrating the festive season “super old-school” with their 6-year-old daughter Grace.

“We are all so excited, it’s crazy,” she tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

The actress adds: “My husband is an ER doctor and we’ve had to celebrate Christmas on different days every year except for this year, because he usually had to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving. This is the first year that we actually get to have both Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family.”

“We are doing everything super old-school this year, such as the popcorn and cranberries on the Christmas tree, reading The Night Before Christmas, and leaving cookies out for Santa,” the Rules of Engagement star, 42, continues. “Last year, my daughter also read about blintzes in a book and said, ‘That sounds almost exactly like the reindeer Blitzen, so he must love blintzes!’ We all made homemade ricotta cheese blintzes for Blitzen last year. That was one of my favorite things that my daughter did, and we will continue that crazy tradition this year [laughs].”

  • Sherri Shepherd:

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd, her husband, and 6-year-old son Jeffrey are opening up their home for the holidays.

“We are going to get together and have my mother-in-law over — oh joy!” she jokes to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “My husband came up to me and said, ‘My mother wants to visit us for the month of December. Isn’t that great?!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, why don’t I go slash my wrist?’ [laughs].”

“We like to take crazy pictures with our dogs,” she adds. “We have a rescue Labrador and a purebred County Cane. We all like to get dressed up in our favorite sports jerseys and take a family picture, including the dogs. Our Cane Corso is a Boston Celtics fan and our Labrador is straight Kobe. For Christmas, we also have Santa hats and beards for the dogs.”

  • Candace Cameron Bure:

Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure and husband, former hockey star Valeri Bure, are staying home with their three kids – Natasha, 15, Lev, 13, and Maks, 11 – this Christmas.

“We are staying in town for Christmas since my whole family lives in California,” Candace tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“Our Christmas tradition includes waking up early Christmas morning and going to a small homeless shelter, bringing and cooking breakfast for the 40 people staying there, and sitting down to eat with them,” the actress adds. “It’s more than just cooking and serving food, it’s about relationship, listening to their journey, encouraging them and giving them hope. Starting our Christmas day off by giving back to others just feels right for our family.”

She adds: “After that, we head home and open our family gifts, then head to my brother Kirk [Cameron]’s house. He hosts the entire family for Christmas dinner – about 50 of us! We exchange goofy gifts and sing Christmas carols all night long.”

  • Kathie Lee Gifford:

Talk show queen Kathie Lee Gifford and husband, former football star Frank Gifford, love spending the Christmas season with their two children: Cody, 23, and Cassidy, 20.

“Since the kids were little we’ve spent Christmas at our home in the Florida Keys, one of the most relaxing places in the world,” Kathie Lee tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “We do as little as possible and wear as little as possible for as long as we possibly can.”

  • Ali Landry:

Actress Ali Landry and her husband Alejandro Monteverde are traveling to Louisiana with their three kids – Estela, 6, Marcelo, 2, and Valentin, 5 months – to celebrate the festive season.

“My family is from Louisiana and my husband’s family is from Mexico, so we take turns each year,” Ali tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She adds: “This year, we will travel to Louisiana for a few weeks and we plan on doing a few road trips while we’re there. We’ll also fly to New Orleans to take in all the culture so my children could start learning about their French heritage.”

  • Bethenny Frankel:

The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel loves to get festive with her 3-year-old daughter Bryn.

“I plan on just spending time with my family,” the talk show host tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She adds: “We might go on vacation somewhere. Because there won’t be school, we will have more free time to do anything we want, from going to the zoo to going ice skating.”

“In regard to traditions, we do the regular traditions like baking holiday cookies, picking out the Christmas tree, and going to see Santa,” Bethenny shares.

  • Holly Madison:

New mom Holly Madison and her husband Pasquale Rotella are excited to celebrate their daughter Rainbow‘s first Christmas.

“I usually am a Christmas decor fanatic, but we are doing a messy remodel on out house right now so I think I’m going to skip that this year and just focus on doing something fun with Rainbow Christmas morning,” the former Playboy model tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

  • Nick Lachey:

Singer Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa Lachey “love spending the holidays with family,” which includes their 1-year-old son Camden.

“We love spending the holidays with family, so I think we will be back in Ohio with my brother, my sister-in-law, and his kids,” Nick tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.

He adds: “Both of my parents are there, so there will also be grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Spending those moments and the holidays with your family is most important thing.”

As for taking Camden to visit Santa Clause, Nick replies, “That is a good question! I feel like I have to bring him to visit Santa. Even if he is screaming and crying, you have to get that picture. He might be a little too young and I don’t think he grasps what Santa is, but we might have to get him there anyway just to expose him to it.”

  • Bruce Boxleitner:

Cedar Cove star Bruce Boxleitner – dad to three grown sons Sam, Lee and Michael –  is set to celebrate the holiday season in Illinois with his parents.

“I am going back home to Illinois to visit my mother and father because I haven’t seen them for the last couple of Christmases,” the actor shares with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

He adds: “Some of my kids are all out here, so we will get together before that. I am going to fly back though, because my mother’s health has been an issue and I want to be there. I wish we could all get together, but we all kind of spread it out a little bit. Everyone is off doing their own lives, but we get together to exchange presents. We are thankful that we have each other.”

  • Drew Lachey:

Boy bander Drew Lachey and wife Lea are getting ready to celebrate Christmas with “lots of traditions” with their two kids – Isabella, 7, and Hudson, 3 – and his brother Nick Lachey and his family.

“We have lots of traditions,” the 98 Degrees star shares with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“Luckily for us, now that we’re back in Cincinnati, most of our family is here,” Drew adds. “As opposed to having to fly across country to spend the holidays with our family, we can literally just drive down the road now, which makes it a little bit easier.”

He continues: “We’re foodies, so we definitely stuff our faces for three days straight during the holidays. We have Thanksgiving, and then we have leftovers, and then we have leftovers of the leftovers. It’s a big deal for us, and the Christmas holiday is huge too. Ultimately, it just comes down to spending time with family. My wife has a huge family, so it’s always a fun time.”

When asked if there be any visits to Santa this year, Drew replies: “Yes. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Santa was there. We saw him and my kids were in shock that Santa showed up at the zoo and that mommy and daddy knew him. We go way back, Santa and us. We have good kids and Santa usually spoils them pretty good come Christmastime. “

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