Christie Lynn Smith: A Holiday Update

In her latest blog post for Celebrity Baby Scoop Christie Lynn Smith shares what her husband John Fortson and their two children Joshua and Abby are up to for the holidays. The actress also asks readers what they think their family should bring on an upcoming plane trip.

Wow! Where did the year go… Seriously! I can’t even believe it’s almost Christmas! I’ve been wanting to write for months now about our first family trip with the four of us, Abby starting kindergarten, Joshua crawling and now standing and so much more, but everything just jumps in my way.

And I have to admit having two is WAYYYY harder than one child. And for all my friends who I wondered why you would never call me back for weeks, months… I really understand the juggle now… It’s tough! We have a tough job – All of us mommies and
daddies out there!

So – here is a little update…

My little Joshua is almost a year old and growing up so fast. He is into everything these days – he can pull himself up now and stand. He finds the inside of the refrigerator fascinating and loves to pull every single tupperware lid, container and other thing out
of the kitchen cabinets.

He loves to find even the smallest piece of paper on the floor and carries it around with him in his tight fist till I find it and then take it away with a sweet smile, “Oh, Thank you Joshie.” He’s probably thinking, “Hey that’s my find, my treasure, Mommy, give
it back.” But he just crawls away and tries to find another speck.

Our floors are staying a tad cleaner these days!

Joshua’s smile makes my heart light up and his laugh can turn any hard day around in a blink of an eye. Abby’s a great BIG sister. She makes Joshua laugh so much -it’s very cool to see the joy in his face when she comes home from school. He knows she’s his big sister.

Abby’s in kindergarten now – and having a great time and making lots of friends. She even started a “nature club” for her class. Abby’s reading fiercely. She’s kind and thoughtful – I’m very proud of her.

Since we are close to the holidays – we get at least 5 different kids catalogs in the mail and Abby has been studying every one that comes to the house for the past month, circling and going over page by page what she wants for Christmas. I think I did the exact same thing growing up.

And the kids just saw Santa at the 3rd Annual Santa’s Secret Workshop, a lovely event that Marque Communications did this past Saturday, that benefitted LA Family Housing.

Santa confirmed to Abby that she was on the nice list and she would be getting the friendship bracelet maker she wanted. Joshua wasn’t sure what to make out of Santa… It was really cute though to see them with him!

On a different note – I need a little advice from my readers.

We are going out of town soon and packing for four is a tad daunting – as we are NOT light packers. When we drove out of town this summer our mini van was packed! But now we are flying, so we have to limit our luggage for sure. I forgot what it’s like to travel with a baby – We haven’t flown for 4 years!

Please tell me your top three must haves for the plane ride and for a hotel for my one year old, Joshua. My brain is so fried all I can think of is he needs his milk – and well, that’s still “ME” – so, I won’t still forget that!

Thanks for your ideas and till next time.

And if I don’t write till after the holidays – I’m sure you understand  it’s a busy time of year – especially with 2 little ones!

Have a Wonderful, Blessed Holiday Season and a Safe New Year!!

Love, Christie Lynn Smith

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