Katie Holmes & Suri Pop To School

Katie Holmes dropped Suri off at school in New York City on Wednesday morning (December 11). The actress – back from filming The Giver in South Africa – wore a green trench coat with black leather boots.

Later on the 7-year-old was spotted getting into a car and enjoying an ice pop.

In the latest courtroom drama for Tom CruiseRadar Online reports Katie might have to sit for a deposition.

A source connected to the case said, “The decision hasn’t been made yet. It’s certainly possible. A decision is likely to be finalized in the next few months.”

Cruise has already admitted under oath that Holmes filed for divorce at least in part, so that she and her daughter Suri could leave the Church of Scientology.

Bauer Publishing might ask the actress questions relating to Cruise abandoning his daughter.

“Listen, when there is a divorce… things change,” the actor defended in a deposition on Sept. 9. “It’s not an ideal scene. It’s not an ideal situation.”

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  1. Anonymous

    An ice pop in the morning. Is that her breakfast?

  2. Anonymous

    Tom must REALLY, REALLY, RR EE AA LL YY be into Scientology, because he seems to have walked away from his only other bio child for it! There’s NO WAY that Tom Would have so little contact with any of his children …… if they were connected with Scientology. I can’t believe that the media hasn’t lambasted him for this ……like they do other celebs for much more trivial matters.

    I wonder just what Katie had on him, to get him to give her 100% custody and allow her to take Suri across the country. Maybe that was his idea. It would look better this way, because if Suri was still in L.A., what would be his excuse for not being seen with her as before.

    Connor (his other bio child) and Bella had better keep drinking the Kool-Aid, or their Daddy with kick them to the curb like Nicole did. At least Katie DIDN’T LEAVE WITHOUT HER DAUGHTR. If Katie could do it, certainly Nicole could’ve also….. if she wanted those kids around her. Which she obviously doesn’t.

    • annefan

      Connor is not his biological son… He adopted him.

      And Nicole has always been blamed for not having more contact with her older children. From what she said, they made the choice to live with their father and they see her when she’s in the US. Yes, she has two younger daughters, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for her older (adult) children…

  3. Anonymous

    Katie Holmes + Tom Cruise = beautiful daughter.

  4. Anonymous

    My comment got censored! annefan’s comment is in response to mine.

    Look into Connors face. He definitely Tom’s bio son. And that may be what Katie had over Tom, and allowed her to walk away with 100% custody. Plus, Katie’s not like Nicole, she’s never leave her child behind. And I don’t buy the lame excuse ” they wanted to stay in L.A.”. That’s why GOD made private jets.

  5. Jeni

    Katie had to blindside Tom and surprise him with the divorce so he wouldn’t get shared custody of Suri like he did the older kids. I don’t know how anybody can still attack Nicole after seeing what Katie had to do to not have to end up like Nicole.

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