Tori Spelling: “Life Is Really Difficult Right Now”

From our friends at Babycenter!

Tori Spelling may love being mom to four kids who are close in age but that doesn’t mean life is easy. The actress, who is raising 6-year-old Liam, 5-year-old Stella, 2-year-old Hattie and 15-month-old Finn with husband Dean McDermott, recently explained to People, “It’s really difficult right now.”

“The babies are only 10 months apart, and they’re both still waking up at night. We’re up during the night. We have different sleeping schedules. It’s really tough right now, but we love every second of it. Maybe if I’m lucky, one night a week, I get to watch some TV.”
Need a visual of Tori with her hands quite literally full?

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  • Kate

    She already admitted on her blog that the nanny is the one who gets up with the baby, so I don’t know why she’s whining now about not getting sleep.

  • SMH

    Is it just me or does she seem to complain a lot about her life? Wow you have two toddlers and rarely get sleepp gee sounds about right! But guess what most everyday moms dont have the luxary of having a nanny or house full of friends to “help”. And there are women who would kill for a chance to have a sleepless night if it meant they got to be a mommy! Your life is not tough so spare us the puddles of tears!

  • Someone

    Boooohoooo *eye roll*

  • Anon

    LOL I like her a lot but still, she should’ve thought about hectic first and just kept her pants on!

  • LaKesha

    Oh poo. You ladies are ridiculous. I have a new baby in the house and the nights are pretty crazy. Yes, I love my baby, but it’s not fun. She has every right to answer truthfully. And if you’ve followed her show, they keep a nanny until each baby turns one, so she probably doesn’t have as much help now.

  • Jessica

    LaKesha she has a nanny pat for their babies but she has about 3 nannies now to help with her children so no she isn’t doing it on her own. Shes even stated she has nannies.

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