Kevin Federline & Victoria Prince Expecting Baby No. 2

Congratulations to Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince who are expecting their second child together.

The pair – who have 2-year-old Jordan Kay – recently were photographed by TMZ with Federline’s hand tenderly on his wife’s bump. Victoria wore a baseball tee playfully reading “Juan Moore Federline 6.”

According to TMZ Victoria is six months along.

Kevin also has two children with Britney Spears, Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden, 7, and two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, Kori, 11, and Kaleb, 9.

When TMZ caught up with the couple – who married in Las Vegas in August – they were asked, “Is it true. Are you having baby number two?”

Federline replied, “One more.”

Victoria added, “One more Federline.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Oh God. It seems like a pattern with him. Knock up every girl I date, have 2 kids and ten out the door. He is sickening.

    • cece

      He didn’t leave her yet, how do you know she isn’t the one and they’re not meant to be together. Thei relationship seems to have been the most stable one he ever had.

  • Violet

    He may have six kids but she doesn’t. You can’t blame her at least for wanting a second child.

  • P!nk

    But she can blame HIM for not having a job. This is another kid Britney has to pay for.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Pink….. but that’s something Brittney should’ve thought about when dangled her mega $$$ in front of a man with a toddler and one in the oven at that time.

      Besides, I’m sure that Brittney can afford as many kids as Kfed can bang out. And he’s certainly seems to be testing that theory aint he? I wonder if he’ll hit her up for more child support!

      I hope Victoria teaches her students to have better morels and goals than she has. Unfortunately her own will inherit her lower standards and his major lack of ambition.

      What are they gonna do when Sean and Jayden are 18?

      • Chrissy

        Britney doesn’t pay child support for the kids that aren’t hers, so K-Fed’s not making babies to get more money out of her. However, the monthly check for her 2 boys could probably cover the expenses of the whole Duggar family, so in that sense, yeah, she is supporting K-Fed’s family.

    • Someone

      I kinda wonder about that…don’t think he works and she used to be a teacher (not sure if she still is)…does he really get that much from Britney to support a wife and two kids?!

    • Anon

      How do you know he doesn’t have a job? How do you know he doesn’t have investments? Or a company somewhere that he owns? How do YOU know anything about his personal finances?

  • eliz1

    I dont know- she seems like a smart cookie and he seems to have toned it out (not literally lol) .. I hope they make it work

    • Anonymous

      Well I suppose. Though cookies have never been considered ‘brain food’.

  • Violet

    I think he gets $25,000 a month from Britney. If he has more children I doubt the amount will go up. She’s not responsible for paying additional funds to support them surely. If she is, that is one messed up system.

    • Anon

      What would make you think he’d get more money from Britney for having more kids? How dumb.

  • Tiffany

    Jordan is such a beautiful little girl, they wanted to give her another sibling, good for them. It appears all of his kids are well taken care of, so who cares if he has one more. They are not on welfare or the gov’t roll, so who gives a damn if they have more – kudos to them!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t have to be on welfare if Britney allegedly is giving him/them $25,000 a month. That’s enough to take care of a wife and 2 kids. Someone said earlier about a pattern after 2 kids lol. After this one is born, I can see this pig looking for his next victim. What a scum bucket.

  • v-girl

    two words come to mind, Lorena Boppit.

  • Laura

    OMG! I Wonder if Kevin pays child suport for Kaleb and Kori?

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