Kristin Davis & Gemma: Pacific Palisades Pair

Kristin Davis and her 2-year-old daughter Gemma went to the farmers market in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Sunday (December 15).

Gemma played with the animals and enjoyed snacks with mom.

Earlier this year Davis was asked by Bill and Giuliana Rancic what kind of mom she is.

“I would say I’m a mix of Hippie Mom (I still make all of her food myself) and Controlling Mom (I get very worried that she will be cold and overdress her, for example). I lead a pretty natural lifestyle and try to be really careful about what Gemma eats, drinks, and takes in.”

Asked if she is a softie or a disciplinarian – she replied, “I am a softie! But I am working on the disciplinarian side, too. Since I am a single mom, I really need to be both. And as Gemma is getting older, there are so many things that she wants to do that just aren’t safe, so I am gaining skills quickly in the “strict mom” area.”

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