Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell: “Happy Holidays”

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell got festive with their twin daughters Charlie and Dolly.

“Happy Holidays from all nine of us!!” Rebecca captioned the above photo via Twitter of their family-of-four – alongside their three dogs and two cats – all clad in bright green Christmas pajamas decorated with snowmen and pine trees.

The Hollywood couple have much to celebrate this holiday season as their daughters turn five on December 28.

Rebecca recently opened up about raising the twins without a full-time nanny with her hubby.

“We’re each other’s assistants. We pick up each other’s slack,” she shared. “Whoever is less busy helps the busier one: ‘Can you go pick this up for me?’ or ‘Can you book my flight?’ That’s what real life is. Once you start paying somebody else to do the grunt work, who are you?”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • klutzy_girl

    LOL, I just noticed that the cats are not here for this.

    Cute picture! The kids and the animals are all adorable.

  • mrs. trumbell

    awww now that is a super cute picture. kinda wish i had seen it before i voted on fav celeb family lol.

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