Jamie Lynn Spears: I Want To Be An Example For Maddie

Jamie Lynn Spears appeared on the Today show to sing her new country tune How Could I Want More on Thursday (December 19). While talking to Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie – Jamie talked about coming back into the spotlight with new music.

She explained, “Music has always been a part of my life but I really just believe that obviously having a daughter – I took a lot of time to just go away, figure out who I was, what I wanted and be the kind of example I want to leave behind for Maddie. So it’s made things a lot more important for me…every decision I make is to the heart.”

Asked if sister Britney Spears has given her any advice Jamie replied, “She just says don’t let self-doubt get to you. Trust your gut.”

In the past week the proud mom – who is engaged to Jamie Watson – posted photos of 5-year-old Maddie.

On Wednesday she wrote: “Lunch with these two after Maddie’s Christmas play…. They are 2 of a kind! #moms #maddieb.”

On Tuesday she told fans, “Christmas play at school todayl!! 2 down… 1 more to go!! This is the fun stuff….. But exhausting fun!! #momprobs #maddieb”

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She has been a good example, and her little girl is adorable!


She has? Getting knocked up as a teenager? Her daughter will certainly know that.


Yes, she got knocked up. But, then she completely changed her life and because a responsible adult.


One mistake won’t erase a lifetime of good decisions.