Kate Winslet Reveals Baby’s Name

Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet and her husband of one year, Ned Rocknroll, have named their newborn son Bear Winslet, PEOPLE reports.

The Titanic star, 38, welcomed her third child on December 7 at a National Health Service hospital near the West Sussex home she shares with her husband and older children, Mia, 13 and Joe, 10.

Rocknroll, 35, who works on his uncle Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project, was previously known as Abel Smith before officially changing his name.

Other Bears in Hollywood include the British adventurer Bear Grylls and Alicia Silverstone‘s son, Bear Blu.

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  • A

    Oh d(b)ear.

    • AvaElizabeth

      Really? Mia, Joe, …. Bear???

      another stupid babyname. poor boy.

  • Christie

    Love that the baby has her last name!

    • amanda

      I think Bear Rocknroll would be kind of snazzy.

    • AvaElizabeth

      well with 3 kids with 3 different fathers this is easier, I guess…..

    • mickey

      In my country (the Netherlands) all children by one mother automatically get the same last name! ( I think you can change it if you’re married to Hitler or so :-), but it’s a difficult procedure)

      • annie

        Er… no they don’t. In the Netherlands parents can choose to give their child either the father of the mother’s last name. The rule you’re referring to only applies to children who have both the same father and mother. Once a couple has named their first child with the father’s last name all their following children will get this last name as well. However, this is different when either parent has a child with another partner.

  • Alexis

    I took it as Winslet is the middle name?

  • jen


    i used to really like kate winslet. i will still enjoy her movies, but it’s obvious that she leads a disastrous personal life.

  • Ledia kinga

    No She said that her son will have her maiden name.. And that all three kids
    Will live with her no half time with their father! Two other kids with separate
    Fathers (three)!

    Bear is a great name and thanx Kate for letting us know the name! Mr
    Rockinroll is not mentioned in the Virgin Airflight program! He did do some
    Designing for them.

    • Alexis

      Ah. Some British press are identifying him as Bear Rocknroll, though I think they are just having fun with the name.

      Not sure why people feel the need to mention this is her third child with a third guy? It’s not like her other kids are particularly close in age or anything. And she married each father. And perhaps her first and second husband recognize there is more stability for their child living in the same location most of the time with his or her siblings – particularly if the father is living in a different country. Since her older kids are school-aged, spending 50% of their time elsewhere would be very disruptive.

      • mrs. trumbell

        you really think that 13 and 10 are “not close in age”???

        lol ok

  • Lauren

    no wonder they kept that one a secret.

  • arabella

    I think it stupid how Kate gave her older children normal names.and gave this one is tacky name.

  • I like the name Bear . And it was very nice they let the public know . Unlike some celebs.

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly my cup of tea but to each their own. Many congrats to the new family!

  • Anon

    Just as dumb as her husband’s name.

  • Micheli

    because you do not know the united states and other countries have this principle that children should only have the name of the father and not the mother’s name.
    in Brazil we no longer have this problem, by law every child to be registered receives the surname of the mother and father in this order.
    and the woman is not obliged to change his surname by her husband that is an option that many of them prefer to keep the name even after marriage.

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