Jennifer Garner: Shoppin’ With The Girls

Jennifer Garner and her girls Violet, 8, and Seraphina, nearly 5, went to the Brentwood Country Mart to do some holiday shopping on Friday (December 20).

Earlier on the Dallas Buyers Club actress was seen picking up Violet from school.

Garner recently helped launch Little Blueprint – a line of kid-friendly books created by her good pal, Katherine Eskovitz.

“She was one of my first mom friends. Our kids went to preschool together,” Garner told People.

She said, “I love little BLUEPRINT books because they respect kids’s intelligence and ability to [work] through things that can be tough. They’re still cherished at my house because they tell very personal stories and are filled with very personal photographs. They [also] empower kids — even little kids — to take charge of their emotions, their sleep and their bodies. Kids process their lives through stories [so] why not make the stories about them?”

Talking about the collection – there’s a book focusing on how a family should prepare for an emergency.

Garner said, “[It] proved to be a great conversation starter in my house. After reading To Be Safe at Home, I Have a Plan, my kids prompted me to work with them on our family’s plan to stay safe in an emergency.”

She also recommends a nighttime routine book shareing, “When I read the sleep meditation Katherine had written for When It Is Time for Bed, I Have a Plan, I found it so charming, so soothing and sweet that I asked if I could record it to play for my kids. [My kids] love it and we listen to it as we are winding down our day,” she explains. “I hope [other] kids like it as much as mine do!”

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  • arabella

    seraphina and violet has to be the worst dressed girls in Hollywood. they always looks

    • Anon

      arabella has to be the worst commenter on this website. she always puts down the looks and clothing of small children.

      • M

        Not to mention worst grammar…

  • arabella

    other people puts down the looks and clothing of seraphina and violet all the times.i’m not the only one.I like how Nahla Aubry Honor Waren Willow Hart are dressed. heck Willow Hart is a toddler and she is dressed way better then violet.

    • jool

      What are you? 4 years old?

      • wendy

        4??? Don’t insult 4 year olds!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Arabella. Not only are they the worst dressed kids but very unfortunate looking too. Violet is homely looking.

  • Lynn

    Arabella and Anonymous,
    Surely you can do better with your time than criticize young children for how they look and dress. Seems awfully shallow. Garner’s children seem to be happy children who like to pick out their own clothes. Hate to think what you would have thought of a few of the fashion choices my girls made when they were young. But as my father, who is a long time pediatrician, taught me – it is important to help your children not only learn to make choices but also to express themselves. A lot better thing to do than learning to make fun of others.

  • stinkface

    i see 2 beautiful girls……some of you need your eyes checked, making disgusting comments about small children….shameful

  • Julia

    To all the commenters who have had enough of these bullying comments towards children and expecting mums, you should speak up and report such comments! Seriously, this site has become a haven for “anonymous” online bullies who have nothing better to do that make terrible comments about children and hurtful comments about mothers. What’s the point? Most of us on here are probably women, too – why are we cutting others down like this? And children of celebrities don’t choose this lifestyle of having their every move recorded and shared for people like us – what gives bullies the right to comment on their clothes and looks? How would you like it if every day someone made a comment on your outfit, the way your hair was cut, or the face and body that God gave you? Oh wait – you likely already have persistent, nagging inner voices who are quite nasty because you don’t like who you are, and so you come onto a blog like this, too scared to actually use your real names, and make awful comments about innocent children.

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